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I am sure you haven't arrived here by accident ☺️

Do you want to feel more radiant, fulfilled & alive ?




Here is all about people who desire to live vibrant, fully alive, & sparklingly sensuous lives.

The keys to this are in your body & in -  E m b o d I m e n t

And my passion is in helping to awaken the Ecstatic within us all.
Your soul has spoken,

The Q is - are you ready to answer the call ?
And step back into your True nature.

to ~ Awakening Shakti

The         Journey

Here you will find beautiful healing massage treatments & sacred feminine energy-work designed to provide space to enter deep nourishing relaxation, and to open & awaken the wisdoms of your body.

You will find classes in Esoteric Kundalini-Shakti Yoga * Tantra & * Ecstatic Breathwork - practice spaces for you to come, drop in & experience for yourself the treasures within.


And you will find details of deeper coaching immersion packages ~ for those who really want to embark on a life- transformative & deeply personal journey; be fully held & supported  & learn incredible techniques, practices and skills to carry with you for the rest of your life.

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The Tantric Layers of Bodies

At our source = the Ecstatic

Awakening Shakti - is the work of re-calling back in the sacred, powerful, sensual feminine energy within us all.

Regardless of gender.

We've all touched those rich moments in life where we feel wildly alive, switched on, expansive, vibrant and connected to everything.

Usually it's something like 'falling in love'.


But these states are our birthright, US BEING in our NATURAL essence. And if your anything like me, you desire to live this way more often.

And we can.

This Feminine energy is the energy of life, the earth.

It is vast, and vibrant & shimmeringly alive.

Called Shakti, KundaliniGoddess, Sacred Feminine by mystics all around the world, this energy has been know in every culture, ancient & modern, and by many different names. 

The reason we are so disconnected is because it has also been heavily repressed, persecuted, shamed & shut down by most faiths, cultures & religions.

Even still today.

The reason?  

One who is connected to their own inner essence / soul & ecstasy, is free, & cannot be controlled by any outer forces.

That doesn't stand well for the structures of power we live under huh ;)

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We are conditioned to live in a very mentally orientated & 'masculine' essenced reality, but this is a small fraction of what we truly are, and what we are capable of living. Like the surface tip of a very giant iceberg.

Through re-connecting to our bodies via all the practices offered here:

~ Bodywork, Esoteric Yoga, Tantra & Inner-Alchemy Work,  

we begin to re-awaken & open to the wisdom, and vast intuitive & energetic reserves available to us.


Our body & our connection to the feminine energy, has been the missing link to our wellness, our healing, our spiritual connection, & our ability to experience wild pleasure & access sublime, sacred states of consciousness.

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Is POWERFUL. Deeply so, beyond measure.

It is the hidden gateway to us waking up to our full, true potential & inner freedom.

Tantra ~ is a weaving of Masculine & Feminine energies. Yin & Yang.

The Masculine essence is not 'bad', it is only that in being disconnected to the feminine essence for so long it has become dysfunctional, lost and unbalanced, which mirrors in us, and the way humanity is slowly destroying itself and the earth. Humanity generally lives a very selfish existence, disconnected to the whole, and this is the cause of so much of our suffering & illness etc.

Tantra is a path of conscious living and opening back to the awareness of the Bliss which is interconnectedness.

When this Shakti energy awakens she can magnetise & call back a more healthy integrated masculine in us and in the world.

My service here is to help more of us awaken to inner ecstasy, freedom & Love, by reclaiming our True selves, our souls, in order to see the beauty of life and every species, and to stop destroying them.

My work is on behalf of the earth and her creatures.

Cirtrus Leaves
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Awakening- Shakti 

Current Workshops:

This workshop is suitable & welcome for all. All genders and sexual identities. There will be no nudity or any explicit intimacy. Just a safe space to explore, play and connect in more soul-soul ways.

Advanced booking essential as limited places



Offers a beautiful range of sacred massage treatments, healing bodywork, Yogic & Tantric-Taoist Classes & practices

 & 1-1 personal Transformative Coaching 

designed to awaken your body wisdom & the sacred Shakti Kundalini energy within.



Holistic medicine heals because it welcomes & recognises the whole of you -

Your mind, body, emotions 

Your shadow, your dark wounds, your spirit & your soul

Your contradictions & polarities

Your humanity & all its so-called flaws, and joys.

To heal - means to become Whole.

It is the deep integration, weaving and acceptance of all the multifaceted natures of your being that is the key to health & healing.

I have no idea why we are all alive here, I could speculate but it'd be just another philosophy. But I do believe we are not here to just survive and make-do, live compromised & boring lives. We are here to explore, to experience, to attempt to blossom into our fullest potentials & perhaps figure out who we really are. Within us all is the capacity to tap into energies and states of consciousness that can literally blow our mind and change our reality. Something worth exploring & experiencing I would say ;)


I am happy to share with you all I have learnt & continue to learn.

All of you is welcome here.

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