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A Space For Healing & Awakening
~ Through the Body ~

 Massage Therapy  *  Sacred Healing Bodywork 
Kundalini-Shakti Yoga 
 Inner Alchemy & Somatic Healing Coaching Sessions

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Sacred Feminine work devoted to ~







I love bodies.

Their innocence, honesty, hidden language & magic.

Within them are treasure,

and this work here is all about our beautiful body.

Our body-mind connection & the doors it opens to our Soul


To ~   Awakening   Shakti
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From the mud grows the lotus - Tantra says. - Our treasures are often found lurking in the muds of our unconscious

' Seek not to find love, but to find all the barriers within yourself against it '  -  Rumi - Love is the source & the medicine for our healing

The  work

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Do you sometimes feel stuck, trapped or shut down in important areas of your life

& can't seem to just heal & move forwards fully ?



And, do you yearn to feel ~ more fully alive, powerful, visible, confident, connected, radiant ?

 Able to live more of the potential you, that you know you are inside ?



My work & offering here is to teach you the HOW'S

Through tapping into the incredible healing wisdom of your own body


Where the keys to some of the deepest level healing ( & inevitable awakening )  you can do, lay


The work offered here blends and combines the best of body-based therapies;


Ancient & modern massage therapy and healing techniques;  

Practices of Taoism and Tantra;  

Yogic arts;  


Somatic coaching methodology; 

Inner-Child work

Ancestral Work




Emotional release;


Presence & Love

 With my own inner intuitive guidance, which I've had since childhood - (& which I believe we all have)

& of course

~  SHAKTI  ~

The Goddess energy working through me

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Awakening Shakti

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 was the name whispered to me,

as I was musing about how to share on

all of the magic I was learning and experiencing.


The energy of Life

Of the Earth, of Goddess

Shakti is Energy moving within us ~  that can be magnetic, expansive, empowering, ecstatic & highly sensuous

It has, in many ways, a life and intelligence of its own

& when moving through us, makes us realise that we are much bigger than we thought 'we' were.

It's not specific to women ~ or to any gender

It is the inner well of life-force-energy within us ALL,

it moves through all living beings & connects us.

And it can awaken & bubble up radiantly overflowing within us


Often as we release, integrate & alchemise enough of the wounding & conditioning we carry that dims our true nature & self from shining its light here.

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This beautiful work is born of my own 25 + years journey, and ongoing journey,

into HOW to truly heal, blossom,

& be myself again - in a world that has often seemed to want the opposite.

Perhaps you can relate ?

              I've had some pretty big 'initiations' to work with in my life that set me on this life-long journey :

I.e. How to free, feel & express my emotions again

How to overcome body dysmorphia 

How to work through crippling social anxiety

How to recover from a terrifying psychosis / spiritual awakening

How to find myself again, my voice, my truth & speak out

How to find empowerment from sexual trauma

How to heal through familial emotional, psychological & spiritual-cult abuse

How to know my boundaries

How to process deep feminine betrayal

How to hold myself in masculine abandonment

How to navigate powerful & sacred emotions of rage, disgust, grief, shame, envy

How to live as a highly sensitive, gentle soul & it be an incredible gift

HOW - to re-find power and strength 

HOW - to own my feminine energy & nature - the way I desire to

HOW -  to show up more & stop running & hiding

 HOW -  to work with trauma 

HOW -  to really love myself 

HOW - to find purpose

HOW - to feel worthy of love

HOW  to really do that deep, human, reparation work


HOW -  to awaken and access more of those magical states of sublime love, bliss, truth, inspiration,

childlike wonder & interconnectedness,  that we stumble into sometimes.

States that make life feel - ecstatic & mysterious & worth all the hard stuff !

I'm very passionate about the HOW'S

Real tools, real deep holding, real practices that we can apply, that really work !

Because, I myself found (frustratingly)  that all the theories, nice words and floaty spiritual ideals don't mean a thing, if we don't have the inner tools we need

and we don't know the HOW's of applying and practising them

So this is my gift & offering to share with you, if you feel the call


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Awakening  back  to  you

The  Journey


I offer you a journey of increasing depth, depending on how deep you wish to go.

But our journeys are not linear, they are spiralous. There is no frontier with a finish line. And wherever you are, whatever feels right for you, whichever aspect of my work calls to you - that is perfect.

Here you will find a safe space, without any judgment

To bring your your light, your 'darkness' & your truth


I offer :

* A Beautiful Range of Massage Therapy Treatments

~ These deeply nourishing treatments help you to reconnect to your body. Massage and touch have so many incredible benefits. Simple nurturing is so powerful for our wellbeing on all levels, & sadly so missing in culture. Here you may just be treated to deep blissful relaxation & the gift of receiving.


* Sacred Healing Bodywork Sessions

 ~  These intuitively combine a variety of powerful healing & bodywork techniques & are tailored to you.

They offer you a safe space for diving deeper into embodiment & somatic work

& exploring the awakening of Shakti energy within you.

They can help you to work with & release blocked or trapped emotions, energy & psychological imprints.

They may combine:

  • Massage

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy

  • Sacred Feminine Energy-Work

  • Emotional Release

  • Breath-work

  • Guided Energy Practices   






* Kundalini Shakti Yoga Classes

 ~ These are classes in a more esoteric practice of yoga - working directly with stimulating & awakening Kundalini (Shakti) energy within you. They combine tantric elements & some somatic healing work.

These are practice spaces for you to come, drop in & experience for yourself the magic & energy within your own body.




*  Inner - Alchemy & Somatic Healing Coaching


~ These sessions are some of the deepest level healing work I offer. They offer time and a deep holding, & are for those who really want to work on some deep somatic imprints, emotions, patterns, issues or areas of life they are struggling with. To understand, alchemise and transform them, liberating the huge amount of energy these things contain.

Our bodies are a literal temple of our lives, and like a temple - they offer us secret doorways into some of the deepest levels of our unconscious & subconscious. This is where a lot of our wounding imprints are stored.

They are also for those who desire to awaken more of their Shakti/ Kundalini energy in a safe way, discovering what may be blocking, limiting or holding their full energy back.


We walk together on these transformational personal journeys, opening and clearing the layers of your body; tracing these imprints; uncovering, discovering & exploring those hidden doorways, and going in to see what is truly there.  

 I invite you into a space of deep safety, love, empowerment & support -  to learn some incredible techniques, sacred tantric practices and invaluable skills along the way. These are the HOW tools which you can apply & will have with you for the rest of your life.

These sessions are offered as a package & as a journey -  to get to the deepest levels.

They are currently offered online via video & so can be done from anywhere in the world.

I do occasionally offer one-off sessions, on a case by case basis.


" You are an amazingly beautiful coach and give so generously in your sessions, with care, kindness, presence & healing. "




Awakening Shakti



When we go deep enough into the body, the soma

When we release the layers of ancient emotions, woundings, conditionings & ancestral imprints


When we can sit with, face and FEEL that which is difficult

When we can bring our love into those tender places hidden deep within


We open space


in which the sacred, powerful, sensuous energy of life can move through us

once again ~ Shakti ~ replenishing every cell


The layers of our subtle bodies we  travel through working with the body.

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Guided by Shakti moving within my own being to create all of this ~

& Bringing the Goddess healing arts back to Gozo

If this work resonates for you you are more than welcome to reach out and drop me a message



You can work with me both online and in-person

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Cirtrus Leaves

Awakening- Shakti 



Offers you a beautiful range of Sacred Massage Treatments,

Healing Bodywork Sessions 

Esoteric Yoga 

 & 1-1 Deep Coaching 

Designed to re-awaken your body wisdom

& the Shakti within.



Holistic medicine heals because it welcomes

& sees the whole of you:

Your mind, body, emotions 

Your shadow, your dark wounds

your spirit & your soul

Your humanity

To heal - means to become Whole

To re-unite all your many parts.

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