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Personal  Yoga  Classes

These are a beautiful way to go deeper into yoga & receive a class that is tailored just to you.

Your body, your energy system, your path.


There is a lot more to yoga than meets the eye, and yoga traditionally was always taught 1-1 - as a personal medicine path.


1-1 classes can suit you if :

  • You don't live nearby

  • The class times don't suit you

  • You are on holiday and would like to make a personalised retreat or crash course for 


  • You are a beginner & wish to learn the basics of Kundalini yoga & ask as many detailed questions as you like

  • You are on a healing journey & are looking for something to support that process

  • You'd like 1-1 guidance in meditation, breath-work or some other aspect of yoga

  • Bigger classes feel anxious for you

  • You have some health concerns ~ physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and would like to know how this form of yoga could support you

  • You would like to take a journey & course in re-birthing through Kriyas 

  • You are working on a particular chakra and would like to do some Kriyas focused specifically on this

  • Or,  you'd simply like to go deep into your practice, learn the nuances of esoteric yoga, and have your own personalised path of practices created just for you


Have any questions? 

Semicircle of Crystals

Personal 1-1 classes are taught at a local studio or online via video call. They may be able to be arranged at your home, studio or centre. If you have any queries about this you are welcome to write to me to ask.


Laura has studied Kundalini Yoga, Classical Tantra & Hatha Yogas, Yin Yoga, Meditation & Taoist Inner Alchemy Energy Practices, ~ along with Tantra, Trauma-Informed Somatic Coaching, Sacred Sound, Energy Healing and many other modalities.

These blend into the teachings and sessions she offers.


She loves to work with the chakras & sacred centres, the womb energy, emotional release, sacred sounding &

re-birthing and has a great ability to guide people into deep inner states of bliss & relaxation

“I highly recommend Laura she is an amazing yoga teacher / person with the kindest heart

♥ "

Janet Vassie

Prices :

€ 60  -  1 hour classes


€ 75  -  1.5 hour classes



For block bookings of 5 x classes there is a 10% discount

For block bookings of 10 x classes a 20% discount


" Laura is deeply intuitive and has a very healing energy. She has really helped me on my yogic journey to understand myself better mentally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend her. "


Luna Rae

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