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I guess I could say I'm a lil of a natural Intuitive. I have always been tuned into a vaster dimension of life & felt things deeply & sensitively. This somehow made me 'different' to most of the people I knew, & it led me, almost by necessity, into living a more unusual life.

At 19 I had an awakening crisis  - at a time when there was not much talk of spirituality, or the things I was experiencing. This made it all the more terrifying & isolating. And, it set me on a path desperately seeking answers for my experiences; dipping into mystical traditions from around the world, and carrying me into many wild adventures on our beautiful earth.

 A Yogini . A Tantra Teacher . A Transformational Body-Based Coach . A Somatic Healer  &  Bodywork Therapist:

 - I have devoted much of my life to exploring & learning all of these beautiful things from around the world. 

My path in the inner healing arts began at 17 with meditation & yoga, and journeyed into sacred movement, dance & sound; kundalini & tantric arts; therapies; energy healing; bodywork & massage and so many other things which enables me to work deeply with embodiment and the subconscious doorways our bodies provide.   

 I have struggled myself with periods of depression & suicidality, severe social anxiety, grief, sexual & emotional trauma, & have used many of the things I practice and teach in my own healing journeys.

I know well what it is to suffer. And that our suffering can often be the gateways to our biggest growth.

My personal big desire has always been to live fully Alive, to be fully myself, to live all of my potential, to do what I truly LOVE, to experience & feel fully - esp. the heights of pleasure we are capable of.

To thrive - & not merely survive here. 

 I believe our true gifts & purpose lie in what we most love.

And that all of ours are needed here.



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Awakening - Shakti

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