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Healing the womb - Healing the Woman

Story - Your Story

We share a story.

And this is why you are here.  


You are not alone. Not anymore.  Though you may have felt like that for ~ for forever, or for a very long time.


Welcome, this is your page.

I understand what it feels like to be alone. To suffer alone. And also not to feel a sense of safety & belonging with other women.

Women have wounded other women deeply, through betrayal, through family linages, through competition, through .......    you know the ways are endless, I don't have to tell you that.

Acknowledging that honestly is often one of the first steps - to our healing.

There is a lot of false sisterhood out there. Born from good intentions, but often without the acknowledgement of the shadows and pain.

I sat in many a circle around the world, uncomfortably, longing for the real conversations, the eye to eye courage, the soul to soul communion, the profound honesty, the collective naked admission of the shadows we wade in, and found it rarely.

This is not a place to repeat all that.  its a place to acknowledge those wounds. And a place to begin to heal.

Sacred Feminine Healing Arts ~ are what happens when a woman gets deeply real - with herself and others. 

Its soooooo not easy. Because so few of us are doing it.

Were here to path the way

Call of the Wild ~ Deep Priestess Work & Sacred Inner Initiations

You will soon find more information about this work 😊

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