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Cranial-Sacral Integration

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Melting Space

A uniquely created treatment by Laura -Awakening Shakti, to be just that ~ the offer of Space to simply melt into.


This is a beautiful, such deeply nourishing treatment, for body, mind, nervous system & soul. It combines beautiful flowing warm oil massage with Cranial Sacral Integration & sacred energy work.


 The combination provides a deep inner unwind, and space to melt into timelessness, be held and release.

Cranial Sacral Therapy 

itself is all about listening deeply to your body   and your whole nervous system;

Listening to your bodies subtle rhythms, expansions and contractions - even down to the cellular & atomic levels.  


Our bodies are the storehouses of everything we have ever experienced, felt and known, from the moment of conception, and hence there are often a lot of memories, patterns & imprints woven into & stored in our bodies.

As a therapist we listen to the bodies spinal fluid, bones, tissues, organs, fascia etc through our hands.

This very act of listening & witnessing, with care & loving presence, creates safety.  

It is this which often helps old patterns to reveal themselves and to begin to re-integrate & digest properly in our systems.

When there are deep patterns within us - for example of self-protection, the body will often create a habitual contraction. This may show up in our posture - physically; or in a reaction in our nervous system - i.e an emotional pattern or belief;  or even more illusively in an experience that seems to endlessly repeat itself in our lives.

This may lie beneath the surface of our everyday awareness & yet it will still affect multiple areas of our lives.



Everything in our universe moves in a rhythmic dance of expansion and contraction.

From the macrocosm to the microcosm.

This is healthy, balancing & good,

 it is when parts of us get stuck in one polarity and are unable to move, that we too get 'stuck'.

All work is Trauma informed. Please see section below for a little more info about Trauma

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Reiki Treatment

About The Treatment:

A warm flowing oil massage is first given to your back, neck & shoulders, or - to any area of your body that you would like working on i.e the abdomen, pelvis, face or legs.

This will help to work away any knots or tensions; warm your bodies tissues; ease any stress and bring you into a relaxed space.


We will then move gently into some Cranial- Sacral Integration work as I listen to your body and follow what is shown.

Most everyone experiences this as a profoundly deep & relaxing space to enter.

It is a feeling of being deeply heard and listened to at a level beyond words.

And this is actually what is it 😊

We are giving space to your body to speak, and be heard. This in itself can be profoundly healing for our bodies, nervous systems & our whole selves.


Our body is the gateway to some deep & mysterious areas of our psyche and as such we can sometimes tap into deep imprints and even ancestral or 'past-life' elements that need re-integrating.

I first discovered I had a natural ability to tap into the hidden language & stories of the body, through doing other types of bodywork and it fascinated me so much that I decided to train in Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy to learn more.

Head Massage

Cranial Sacral Therapy comes from the western Osteopathic practice of Cranial Osteopathy. It is very gentle and safe & was therefore deemed suitable to be a stand-alone treatment & practice.

It promotes a healthy flow of cerebral-spinal fluid throughout your spine

- between your cranium & your sacrum -

But it is also about so much more.

  There are great similarities between the Eastern esoteric practices of awakening Chi or Kundalini-Shakti Energy within the spine,

and between the Western understanding of the nervous system and healthy flow of magnetic Spinal fluid.

I also love to liken this to the sap within the stem of our spine,

as like plants & all organisms on earth, there are so many similarities we share. 


 Although called Cranial Sacral Therapy it is not only limited to working with the head (cranium), spine and sacrum. It incorporate the whole of your body.

All parts of our body are affected by our spine and nervous system, and vice versa.

Our body is always trying its best to regulate itself, adapt and heal - to come back into homeostasis & balance. 

Giving our body this space to really let go, speak & be heard helps our body to achieve this.


Trauma is often described as 'uncompleted stress cycles' within the body and nervous system. 


These are like contractions of our survival energy locked within us ( bio-energy that our nervous system releases to help us fight or flight in perceived danger ), that haven't been able to release and be re-integrated by our nervous system.


Bodywork can be a huge support for our nervous systems to re-integrate and balance themselves - especially Cranial Sacral work because it both so deep and gentle, creating that necessary safety.

All my work is Trauma- Informed

But I am not a trauma specialist 

This means that I have studied about trauma & understand that many us are actually affected by it - in little & large ways.


& I know both personally & professionally how this can affect our emotional, mental and somatic wellbeing.

It means I can guide you how to safely re-regulate your nervous system if anything traumatic was triggered

But that I am not qualified to work with deep complex trauma


  I would always suggest taking advice from a qualified Trauma specialist if this is something you are working through & this can definitely work alongside any other work you are doing to support you.

This is shared to help keep you safe :)


1 hr Treatment :  € 65

1.5 hr Treatment : € 85

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" Laura is just a wonderfully caring beautiful practitioner and that totally
translates through her treatments. Every time i see her, i leave with a lightness in my step , feeling cared for and deeply held. "

Diana Temple

" Loved my Melting Space treatment with Laura. It took me into very deep state of relaxation and helped me to let go of any distractions at that moment. The treatment was very comforting and I felt safe. Beautiful music played during treatment . Wonderful treatment if you want to feel more connected with yourself and grounded. "

Magdalena Siniara

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