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Cranial-Sacral Integration

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Melting Space

30 / 30  ~ Melting space 


This is a beautiful, such deeply nourishing treatment, created uniquely by Awakening Shakti, and consists of 30 minutes of warming oil massage & followed by 30 minutes of Cranial Sacral Integration.


 It provides a deep unwind and space to just really melt into timelessness, be held and let go.

Cranial Sacral therapy is all about listening to the body and her subtle rhythms, tides and waves. It is a deep listening to, & being with, whatever is present. This attention & care often allows our body to feel safe and held enough to release held patterns and contractions.


Buddha Statue

Cranial Sacral Therapy comes from the western Osteopathic practice of Cranial Osteopathy. It is very gentle and safe & was therefore deemed suitable to be a stand-alone training & practice.

It is based on promoting the healthy flow of cerebral-spinal fluid throughout your spine

(between your cranium & your sacrum) 

 ~ I like to call it the sap within the stem of our spine :).


 Although it is called 'Cranial-Sacral' Therapy it's actually not limited to working with just these areas. It can incorporate the whole of your body, as contractions in the fascia, or the  energetic field, within one part of your body may go on to cause contractions elsewhere.

Contractions can be caused by:

* Injuries

* Stress

* Common emotional holding patterns

* Trauma

* Habitual posture

Just by living and experiencing life itself :) 

Our body is always trying its best to re-adapt itself to homeostasis & balance. This can provide a little breather for it to do its ~ great work. 


1 hr Treatment : £60

1.5 hr Treatment : £ 75

Reiki Treatment


Warm flowing oil massage will first be given to any area of your body that holds tension or that you would like working on, i.e the whole back & neck area; or the abdomen for example,

~ & this will help to work away any knots or tensions; warm your bodies tissues; ease any stress and bring you into a relaxed state.


We will then move gently into some Cranial- Sacral holds, as I listen to your body and sense what she needs. Most everyone experiences this as profoundly deep & relaxing. A feeling of being deeply heard and listened to at a level beyond words.

And this is actually what is it.

We are giving space to your body to speak, and be heard. This in itself can be profoundly healing for our bodies, nervous systems & our whole selves.

Head Massage

There are many many benefits to this treatment, but instead of listing them all generically ~ I always say it is much better to experience it first hand for yourself ☺️

All my work is Trauma- Informed

(though not trauma work directly)

Which means that I understand that many us are actually affected by trauma - little & large, perhaps without knowing it, (as I myself wasn't) and how this affects our nervous system, bodies & emotional wellbeing. Trauma is lodged in our bodies as 'uncompleted stress cycles'. Bodywork can be a huge support for our nervous systems to re-integrate and balance - especially Cranial Sacral work. 

However I would always suggest taking advice from a qualified Trauma specialist if this is something you are working through.

I notice this treatment seems to be be popular for women struggling with postpartum symptoms. Perhaps because it is just so nurturing & gives a little time and space back to you and your body.

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