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Healing the womb - Healing the Woman

Deep Feminine Healing Arts

Story - Your Story

We share a story.

And this is why you are here.  


You are not alone. Not anymore.  Though you may have felt like that for ~ for forever, or for a very long time.


Welcome, this is your page.

I understand what it feels like to be alone. To suffer alone. And also not to feel a sense of safety & belonging with other women.

Women have wounded other women deeply, through betrayal, through family linages, through competition, through .......    you know the ways are endless, I don't have to tell you that.

Acknowledging that honestly is often one of the first steps - to our healing.

There is a lot of false sisterhood out there. Born from good intentions, but often without the acknowledgement of the shadows and pain.

I sat in many a circle around the world, uncomfortably, longing for the real conversations, the eye to eye courage, the soul to soul communion, the profound honesty, the collective naked admission of the shadows we wade in, and found it rarely.

This is not a place to repeat all that.  its a place to acknowledge those wounds. And a place to begin to heal.

Sacred Feminine Healing Arts ~ are what happens when a woman gets deeply real - with herself and others. 

Its soooooo not easy. Because so few of us are doing it.

Were here to path the way

Call of the Wild ~ Deep Priestess Work & Sacred Inner Initiations

You will soon find more information about this work 😊

Opening the micro-cosmic orbit

( A powerful guided practice & treatment session to unlock the gateways of the spine, and aid life-force energy to move through your own inner micro-cosmic orbit )

Over this last year my work has been deeply evolving, as my practice continues to change my own life.  Please stay tuned for updates on:


  • Signature Awakening-Shakti  Sacred Awakening Bodywork sessions - for emotional release and de-armouring.


These combine:


 Energy Work


and, Therapeutic Body-Dialoguing


 Designed to help release and work with challenging emotions; gently reintegrate old trauma patterns, & help to awaken Kundalini Shakti Energy / the bliss or ecstatic body.

(You will soon find details of these sessions under Feminine Healing Arts)


  • COACHING - in Awakening Shakti (your own sacred feminine energy)

 I specialise in helping women who have been struggling alone with symptoms of PMDD to understand the real link between their 'symptoms' & their cycle & how this is a - Sacred Call of the Wild.


I support women HOW to re-awaken this birthright that is theirs & use the profound sacredness of their cycle in a way that will not only heal the heart-ache and devastation of PMDD, but change their entire lives.

What is PMDD?


Medically, this is a condition called Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. 

It is still not widely heard of, despite 1 in 4 women suffering & struggling with symptoms of it worldwide. And shockingly, though it is severe enough to cause female suicide & acute suffering, there is little funding, research and hence treatment options provided.

Symptoms include things like:

  • Severe Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Brain-fog

  • Feelings of severe worthlessness & a sense of failure

  • Anger, rage & 

  • Grief

  • Problems in relationships

Symptoms which usually alleviate upon beginning to bleed, at Menstruation.

PMDD is not the same as what is commonly referred to as PMS, it is often much more debilitating. 

Symptoms are also commonly mis-diagnosed and treated as other mental health conditions, when in fact it is seen to be a genetic hormonal sensitivity.

It is my understanding that some of the root causes of PMDD lay in unresolved trauma, and that the feminine cycle only highlights this. 

Is PMDD symptoms of the woman, or the society?

It is not a revelation that Womens' health, wellbeing, cycles and natural ways of being are still not prioritised, respected and made room for, in so many areas of life. 

This comes from a long history of the repression of anything feminine.

So many women are still disconnected from the true power, beauty and magnificence of their own cycle, and regard bleeding as something, at best - inconvenient, and at worst -shameful.


Not only is a woman's cycle her innate medicine & self-regulating system,

it is also the key to her full true sexuality, her power, her voice, her truth, her spirituality and her deep interconnected link to all of life.

AND lesser known - her ability to access Mystical & Ecstatic states.

When such a powerful process as this inner nature is ignored & disregarded, it is no wonder that it will start to cause 'problems'. 

It is no coincidence that women who suffer with PMDD are more likely to be highly sensitive & empathic. Women who are deep feeling, & deep experiencing beings who are not as easily able to be silenced, shut down and made to conform to a way of life that is not in alignment with her body.

This is why I believe PMDD is a SACRED CALL OF THE WILD


 If we can learn to work with the cycle and reclaim its power and purpose, it will not only initiate us back into our true power as women, it can awaken our Inner Priestess & Healer.

It calls women who have a gift.

It calls women to heal herself and her linage,  so that she may reclaim her sacred birthright to dwell in the inner wilds & bring her necessary and needed gifts back here.


It has been long overdue. And she cannot be silenced anymore.


 This is why it is so heart-breaking that many of these women feel her only desperate option is removing her own womb and ovaries; or taking artificial hormones or pills to repress her cycle.

She may have tried special diets, yoga, counselling and supplements with little, none or varying results.


As someone who suffered this debilitating pain for many years, & tried many things, finding little support, help or understanding, this is something that is very close to my heart.


I am a life-long practitioner of yoga and meditation, a healthy eater, and tried to practice a conscious way of living & still I could not fully heal myself. 

 The journey of understanding & healing has led me along many many paths; led me to trying all kinds of wacky interventions; opened deep inner doorways, and begun to lead me to the core of some of my deepest buried wounds.

Finally having the right tools, & courage, to be able to make choices that honoured my truth; To go into my shadow & wounds & use my cycle for what it is - a shamanic portal of initiation ~ I have been able to finally create real healing, changes & inner / outer transformation in my life.

I was seeking to awaken more bliss and ecstatic sexual & spiritual states in my life & inadvertently I found the keys to alchemise my pain.

What I now know is that - our nature as women is naturally ecstatic.

All that stands in the way of that is our collective and personal wounds & traumas


You will be able to find more about the work I do & the healing journey packages I offer helping women with symptoms of PMDD under  Feminine Healing Arts  shortly.

I have also created a Facebook group for community in learning & healing together:

Ecstatic Liberation - Healing PMDD through Sacred Feminine Healing Arts




Currently I am running a:

  •  Kundalini Yoga Re-birthing Class Series - Fridays 7.30-9pm in Matlock

(Please see the yoga page, or contact below if you'd like to come and join us :) you are very welcome.)

 Working Together

Tel: 07597407784

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If you are looking for a tailor-made healing journey; support with your healing journey through PMDD; A way to wake up the wild power of shakti within you or more of your natural feminine energy and ecstatic potential; If you want to have a chat or make a suggestion ~ You are more than welcome to reach out and drop me a line.