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Eastern Healing Treatments

 The Inner Mandala

  • Chi - Nei -Tsang


Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist massage treatment focusing primarily on the abdomen and internal organs.

Chi - means energy, and Nei Tsang - means organs, Chi Nei Tsang literally means “working the energy of the internal organs”, or “internal organs chi transformation”, and both detoxifies old stagnant energies, and brings in fresh new energy for greater vitality, energy and health.


 We all carry a surprising amount of tension in our abdomen, either from habitual shallow breathing;  stress;  accumulated toxins;  diet; lack of sufficient movement/ exercise;  sitting too much;  bad posture;  unprocessed & repressed e-motions, etc,  that restrict our blood and energy (chi) flow. 

Like a mandala, because this is our centre, any blockages here spiral out to affect the rest of us, leading to anything from poor digestion & IBS to effects on even our fertility, and mental, emotional wellbeing.





In the Taoist traditions and practices, the lower Dan Tien (around our navel), is seen to be a highly important centre. It is known as our Inner Cauldron - a place for transformation; source of our vital energy, & the seat of our soul.

 In all esoteric practices from Yoga - Tantra - Taoism, this area must be worked on first, purified and opened, before we can access and work on the upper Dan Tiens or Chakras / Energy centres.

 Around our Dan Tien, spiral our main organs ( liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys etc ), which according to Mantak Chia's ( a Taoist master ) teachings' are said to not only hold our physical and emotional tensions, but also work in an elemental harmony with one another. Each one feeding into and complimenting the next. Like a moving wheel of the seasons within us.

When there is blockage in one organ, this goes onto affect all the others. 


 There are a lot of emerging scientific studies currently about the important link between our gut health & mental health. Whilst a lot of these ancient, eastern healing modalities have known this for 100's of years, it is fascinating that science is now catching up and re-discovering this at a new level.



This is an excellent treatment as a detox release, and as part of a regular self-care practice to maintain your health, vitality, energy levels and even youthfulness.

Each organ area is worked on in turn, allowing fresh blood and Chi to flow through and into the area;  and any toxins to be drawn into the central cauldron / Dan Tien to be alchemised back into Chi, Life-force.


Traditionally this massage is practiced on a comfortable floor futon, like Thai yoga massage, though it can also be adapted to a massage bed.

Palm Tree Leaves


  • Traditional 90 minute Treatment          (Done on a floor futon)

        - with heated herbal detox ball :  £75

  • Adapted 90 minute Treatment       (Massage bed)                                                  - with/ without herbal ball  :  £75 /£70   

Included in all, outside of the treatment time, is a thorough consultation, ample relaxation & adjustment time after a treatment (its also important & so nice not to rush) & plenty of fresh, chilled spring or filter water

+ £5  ~ for a freshly made detox green juice, to aid your treatment :)

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Herbal Balls

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Massage Stones

Herbal compress balls are made with a variety of fresh and dried herbs and spices, which are then steamed and placed on your body, during or after an area has been worked on. As your body absorbs the warmth it allows your muscles and tissues to further relax; It increases blood flow which aids in oxygenating the vital organs, & aids in the detoxification process. Plus you get to enjoy the therapeutic & aromatic benefits of the herbs.

Pure Bliss.

These can also be added to a full-body Thai Yoga Massage, as an additional luxury & exquisite self treat, see here:

The Serpent in the Spine

  • Opening the Micro-Cosmic Orbit

Do you want to know the hidden secret to increased vitality, power & energy in your life? 

& would you like to learn to sense Energy, and to be able to work with it in potent, magnetic ways within yourself?


This is something pretty unique and not just a treatment as such, but also a teaching. And a teaching that could very well change your life in many areas.

It is an Inner Alchemy energy practice from the Taoist traditions, as taught by Mantak Chia. His teachings come from a linage that fused both esoteric kundalini yoga & ancient Taoist practices.


For this *Treatment, if it takes your interest, and I hope it does, i recommended that you first have had several of my other treatments a number of times i.e: Chi-Nei-Tsang, Thai Yoga Massage to help open up your energy flow, and free any stagnant energies.

Along with Chi-Nei-Tsang there is a simple & yet powerful & beautiful complimentary meditation called the -Inner Smile- which will be available here soon, & which you can also learn in-person in upcoming classes (also online).


(If you are already experienced with a regular practice of meditation, yoga or Qi Gong please let me know)

This will all pave the way for this fascinating treatment & practice, which you will have with you for the rest of your life!

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About the sessions

During the session I will guide you through this practice, and the treatment will then consist of working on the numerous gateways within the spinal channel through: massage, energy-work and breath-work. This will help to open your micro-cosmic orbit, and assist you to feel and start working with the energy. 

This is not a one-off treatment, - it is a practice that if you take it away and practice it, your connection & sensitivity will develop transformatively. 

Not only can it give you a lil shot of energy (your own internal expresso hit whenever you need it )

it can also: 

* Increase your confidence

* Increase the health, glow & youthful vitality of your body

* Give you more energy & sense of alive-ness

* Make you more magnetic


* Awaken more of your natural sensuality

* Help you feel more embodied and empowered

* Tap into inner experiences of bliss

* Bring a heightened amount of pleasure to your love-life 

* Develop deeper meditation & connection to nature

* Awaken your inner mystic

* Enhance your practice of Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong 

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The Serpent is often used in esoteric mysticism to symbolise the Kundalini energy, or Shakti.

Or - the dormant untapped reserve of potential life-force within us.

In its dormant, unawakened state, it is symbolised as a coiled or sleeping serpent.

The original purpose of ALL esoteric practices & spiritualities such as: Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Taoism (& actually many more) was to awaken this energy.

In its awakened form, the energy has often been depicted & felt as a serpent, weaving its way through the spine.

The Taoist practices have a very embodied, ingenious and grounded way of working with this energy and using it to enhance our lives.

Since a lot of Taoist practices were based on longevity & maintained youthfulness.

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