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Chi - Nei -Tsang

 The Inner Mandala


Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient Taoist massage & healing treatment focusing primarily on the abdomen and internal organs.

It is a great detoxification treatment & helps to clear a lot of stagnant energies out of their body at their root.

Chi - means energy, and Nei Tsang - means organs,

Chi Nei Tsang literally means “ working the energy of the internal organs”,  or  “ internal organs chi transformation ”.

It both detoxifies old stagnant energies that accumulate in the vital organs, and brings in fresh new energy for greater vitality, energy and health.


 We all carry a surprising amount of tension in our abdomen, from from multiple things such as:


Habitual shallow breathing,  stress,  accumulated toxins,  diet,  lack of sufficient movement & exercise /  sitting too much,  bad posture,  &  unprocessed or deeply repressed emotions.


When the body cannot process or eliminate things sufficiently they will often get stored deep in the vital organs.

This can, and eventually does, affect our overall health & functioning.


Stored energy and tension in our organs restrict healthy blood and energy (chi) flow.

Our organs are like our life batteries, they do so much to keep our system healthy & in working order & yet they are so often abused by our everyday life.  


This treatment gives them a deep reset and a chance to cleanse themselves, improving the overall functioning and wellbeing of our entire body, mind and being.  

Our belly is also such a primal place. As a developing foetus our organs are some of the first parts of us to develop & we grow outwards from them like a spiral.

This is why some of the deepest imprints & holding patterns can be stored here.

This treatment works on the physical but also emotional, energetic, spiritual, subconscious and even ancestral levels.​​

Like a mandala at our centre, any blockages or issues here continue to spiral out to affect the rest of us. This treatment can help and aid with things like:

- Poor Digestion, Constipation & IBS

- Fertility & Sexual Wellbeing

-  Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

- Emotional Empowerment, Fluidity & expression

- Self-confidence




In Taoist tradition and practices, the lower Dan Tien (around our navel), is a highly important centre.

It is known as our Inner Cauldron - a place for transformation & Alchemy;  the source of our vitality, & the home of our soul.

 In all esoteric practices from Yoga - Tantra - Taoism, this area must be worked on first, purified and opened, before we can access and work on moving energy to the upper Dan Tiens or Chakras / Energy centres in a healthy & integrated way.

It is also the cavern of Shakti, the sleeping place of our Kundalini, which is often symbolised as laying coiled like a sleeping serpent before she awakens.

 Around our Dan Tien, 

spiral our main organs ( liver, heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys etc) - each having a specific element, sound and functioning.

 Taoist Master - Mantak Chia's teachings' link certain emotions to specific organs & elements within us. When in harmony they all make up an inner alchemical & seasonal wheel of life. Not unlike the seasons of our planet.


 Each element works to compliment & support every other element. Like an internal eco-system. They work together to create harmony.

When one is in excess or ​deficient this also effects each other element in turn.

 There are a lot of emerging scientific studies currently about the important link between our gut health & mental health.


Whilst a lot of these ancient, eastern healing modalities have known this for 1000's of years, it is fascinating that science is now catching up and

re-discovering this.



About the Massage

This massage is an excellent detoxification treatment, and would be great accompaniment to do along with a fast. It is also great as part of a regular self-care practice to maintain your health, vitality, energy levels and even youthfulness.

I choose and blend aromatherapy oils for you, depending on what we are working on. For example:

Fennel - which helps with digestive issues, gas and weight loss

Ginger - which is stimulating and warming & can help both increase blood circulation and sooth anxiety and stress


Each organ area is worked on in turn, allowing fresh blood and Chi to flow through and into the area;  and any toxins flushed out and drawn into the central cauldron / Dan Tien to be alchemised back into Chi, Life-force.


Firm pressure, vibrations, gentle rocking, scooping, spiralling movements and also organ seed sound vibrations are some of the techniques used in this massage.

Palm Tree Leaves


  •  90 minute Treatment  - € 85

 Outside of the 90 minutes massage treatment time, is a thorough consultation, & space for relaxation & adjustment time after a treatment

( its so important to be given space not to have to rush ) 

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Herbal Balls

I have just relocated to Gozo & depending on interest level will need a little time to source these :)

Thankyou for understanding

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Massage Stones

Herbal compress balls are made with a variety of fresh and dried herbs and spices, which are then steamed and placed on your body, during or after an area has been worked on. As your body absorbs the warmth it allows your muscles and tissues to further relax; It increases blood flow which aids in oxygenating the vital organs, & aids in the detoxification process. Plus you get to enjoy the therapeutic & aromatic benefits of the herbs.

Pure Bliss.

I have received a number of sessions of massage with Laura. She is very passionate and knowledgeable about the work she does. She made sure all the details were taken care of & mixed a special blend of oils herself for the treatment, which always smelt amazing!

I would not hesitate to have another massage with her. "


Marie Nahlik

The Serpent in the Spine

  • Opening the Micro-Cosmic Orbit

Do you want to know one of the hidden secrets to increased vitality, magnetism & inner radiance ? 

& would you like to learn to sense energy better

and then be able to work with it to enhance all areas of your life ?



- your work

- your sexuality

- your relationships

-  your energy levels

- manifesting the things you most desire


This is something pretty unique and not just a treatment but also a teaching & initiation. One that could well change your life in many areas.

It is an Inner Alchemy Energy Practice from the Taoist Traditions, as taught by Mantak Chia, fused with some Feminine Goddessian Magic.  Mantak Chia's teachings come from a linage that fused both esoteric Kundalini yoga & ancient Taoist practices.

When I first discovered this practice I was amazed to experience that it not only re-charged my energy in a matter of minutes, esp when feeling tired, drained or a little blue,

 but that surprisingly others around me seemed to notice something immediately & be attracted to this energy.




 For this Treatment / Initiation, if it takes your interest,  it is recommended that you have had a couple of my other treatments first, such as: 


or / and had a

1-1 Yoga Session with me


This is to help open up the flow of your energy, and free any stagnant emotions, blockages & energies.

Along with Chi-Nei-Tsang there is a simple, powerful & beautiful  meditation to practice called the

- Inner Smile & Healing Sounds -

You will then have this with you for the rest of your life!

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The Serpent is often used in esoteric mysticism to symbolise Kundalini energy,

or Shakti.

This dormant untapped reserve of potential life-force is stored within us all.

In its unawakened state, it is symbolised as a coiled or sleeping serpent.

The original purpose of ALL esoteric practices & possibly once religious practices ( such as:  Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Taoism, Sufism  (& many more) was to awaken this energy.

In its awakened form, this energy is often described & felt as a serpent, weaving its way through the spine.

The Taoist practices particularly have a very specific, detailed & practical way of working with this energy that enables us to use it in grounded ways to enhance our lives.

About the Sessions

These sessions are 90 minutes


During this treatment & initiation you will receive massage, gentle touch, rocking, & energy work on various gateways within your spine.

You will practice some breath-work to open, clear & increase sensitivity of these gateways


 I will then be guiding you through several sacred embodiment  and sounding practices.

 This will help you to open your micro-cosmic orbit,

feel and learn to guide energy

and use it in different channels within you for specific purposes. 

After this initiatory treatment it is advised to practice with what you have learnt daily

from 5 - 15 minutes for at least 28 days

this will build your connection & sensitivity




  • Feel more self-confidence

  •  Improve your health & feel a glowing youthful vitality in your body

  • Increase your energy levels

  • Become more energetically magnetic & attractive to your love interests

  • Awaken more of your full body sensuality

  • Experience longer, deeper more ecstatic orgasms

  • Resolve premature ejaculation or orgasm

  •  Have inner experiences of bliss whilst meditating

  • Supercharge your manifestations & call in more abundance, a partner, a life change

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€ 95

This includes the 90 minute treatment & energy initiation,

a consultation prior to the session & a beautiful booklet


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