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Warm Oil

Palm Tree Leaves
Cirtrus Leaves

Treat your skin & your soul,

to a warm, soothing, flowing massage.



A full body oil massage with warmed oils.

Combining techniques from trainings in many types of Holistic Massage, Reiki, Myo-fascial Release, Eastern & Taoist massage and energy work, & Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy.

I listen to your body and intuitively take you into a deeply relaxed, nurtured and rejuvenated space. 

I can also focus on a specific area that needs a little tic

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Back Massage
Aromatheapy Oils
  • Full Body Massage                      1 hour     :   € 65

  • Full Body Massage                  1.5 hour  :   € 80

Back Massage

Warm flowing massage is a great way to enter deeply into a para-sympathetic state, where your body can access its own self-healing reserves & medicine. 

Did you know?

Warmed oil is more readily absorbed by your bodies skin and tissues, & not only does regularly oiling your body leave your skin softer, more supple & youthful,  it improves your circulation and strengthens your tissues.


" I had a very great and lovely time (1h 30) in your hands.

You and your hands are so sweet..You make the massage so good that I wanted to stay all day, it was a magic moment.


- You have “dedos de seda“ literally means « silk fingers » expression in Spanish means that yours fingers are so so sweet "


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