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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

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This is an absolutely gorgeous massage treatment!

It is an ancient, shamanic Hawaiian massage treatment, that consists of full-body length flowing, connective & rhythmic strokes, mimicking the caress of the waves of the ocean. There is no other massage quite like this, or perhaps as exquisite.


Lomi-Lomi is offered as a sacred treatment, to not only lull you back into the Bliss & Harmony of your existential nature, but to re-connect you to the elemental sources of life, within you and without. It combines the elements of earth, fire, water and air into the poetic dance of the massage.


The massage treatment is with warm oil. 

& Aromatherapy essential oil can be added to make this treatment even more divine.

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Massage has been a sacred part of many healing traditions & cultures around the world, for thousands of years.

The body, and its wisdom, was honoured & respected - as the temple of our soul, & treated as such.

Massage was ( & is ) a sacred work.


Unfortunatly in the west we do not have much of a concept of this, or if we once did, we have forgotten. Many people do not know of this deeper aspect.


It is my intention to bring this element back to massage, & to offer all my treatments with presence of touch, honour and care for your body, and whole being. Some of the bodywork trainings I have done are sacred, & as part of them a silent prayer is usually made for your highest wellbeing. Or the God & Goddess within. This really adds a beautiful quality & dimension to the treatments received.

As if this treatment wasn't special enough, I decided to add something veeeery extra special to it ☺️ A little cup of:

Sacred Ceremonial-Grade Cacao

Made with a variety of traditional spices, this not only tastes totally incredible but warms your body & opens up your heart with its gentle medicine. (To read more about the beauty & benefits of Sacred Cacao please click on the picture just below )

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1.5 hr Treatment :  £75

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