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Sacred  Aromatherapy

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We are deeply connected with nature, in ways that we are still not fully aware of, & have sadly forgotten a lot about.

This disconnect is one of the causes of our disharmony with life & many of the 'dis-eases' we suffer from.


Reconnecting deeply with nature offers us a much more profound, sensuous and sacred experience of life.

Aromatherapy, offers us a gentle, subtle and beautiful medicine of reconnection &

re-harmonisation with the natural world.



with the soul

of nature

The real art of Aroma-Therapy is working *with the essence, or the soul,

of the flowers, herbs, flowers, woods, resins, & fruits.

In its original form it was practiced by Myrrophores & Priestesses ~  in ancient Egypt, as a mystical art & form of prayer and invocation. It is one of many sacred feminine arts.

Today there are literally hundreds of different essential oils, with a myriad of properties, from plants all over the world.

High quality extracted oils are the condensed life-force & energy vibration of the plants.  

They can help with things like:

* Blood circulation

* Lymphatic detoxification

* Improving sleep

* Digestion

* Anxiety

* Hormonal Balance

* Skin Breakouts

* Stress & Depression

* Menstruation Cramps

And in their ritualised form, used to enter states of trance and heal the soul.

Stone Mortar and Pestle
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Did you know ?

Our sense of scent connects to our primal brain & our root chakra, - the seat of our survival brain, this is why it can evoke memories and emotions & be used to soothe them.

It also connects us to the doorway of our unconscious - where so much of the deeper reality of life; our history; and our ancestral knowledge is stored.

Scent has that power to bring visions; to increase confidence; to open our natural sensuality; to energise & uplift us.


As a subtle medicine, Aromatherapy generally works well on our emotional body & nervous system, but also our


Sacred Aromatherapy ~ denotes to working with the oils intentionally with connection & reverance for the plants.

Listening and working intuitively.

In my practice I don't use pre-blended oil combinations.

Scent is so personal.  I offer a tailor-made, unique blend suited to each individuals being.

Quality oils are used & if you LOVE the blend, you can usually buy a prescription oil to take home and keep using.


with the Aroma-Therapy Oils

is gentle & flowing with warmed oils.


This is to allow the aromatherapy oils to really melt into, and be absorbed by your skin. Aromatherapy works via your endocrine system & lymphatic systems, which lay just under the surface of your skin, and so having them massaged into your skin in this way allows them to enter into your whole system and have their effects.


This massage takes you into a deeply relaxed and twi-light-like state, which you can float around in afterwards, smelling wonderful.


There is an option to also have your massage with different base oils that would really nourish and feed your skin-type. Such as: 





( Please ask before booking )

Head Massage

Aromatherapy Massage Prices​

  • 1 Hour, 10 minutes     :    € 85              ( includes 10 minute consultation; Personalised oil blend; & 1 hr full- body massage )

  •  100 Minute Bliss.     :     € 100              ( Includes 10 minute consultation; Personalised oil blend & 1.5 hrs of massage )

This is an oil created ritually for you with prayer and meditation as a healing oil to be used in your own practices & meditations or to aid in a life transition

€ 25



A personalised Oil

" I was floating in another world.

A  world where everything was free from aches and pains. 

I don't know how to describe it ... I never had an experience like it before..

A sort of complete relaxation, but in mind and body. It was a big effort to get up afterwards. I was floating somewhere, where it was - I didn't care! I was out of this world "

Robbie  - 94 years old

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