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Inner- Alchemy Coaching

Embodied  Somatic  Healing  
&   transformational  Inner  Journeys 

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We have a few months left of 2022 

What were the intentions you set for this year?  And did you make them happen?

It's not too late to seize this time & make some shifts in your life.



If you dared get deeply honest with yourself for a moment,

what is it you most yearn for ?

Perhaps something that always seems just out of reach?

Or that you have given up on, because it's too painful to desire and dream for it & not be able to 'achieve or realise it' 

I know that pain & frustration well

If you were unafraid to dream wildly - What would you envision your life to look like?

What is it that stands in the way of you making it happen?

HOW can you make it happen?




Its really enough of living "what your supposed to"

" What society laid out for you ; What culture or your parents, or your country tells you you should be living & being happy with " etc

Why should others dictate how our life should look ?

Sadly, for most people on our earth, we just accept that this is 'just the way it has to be'.

& we spend our precious life and time here on this beautiful, mysterious earth - fulfilling other's ideals or doing what everyone else does, because it's 'safer'.


What if you tried to do all that & it doesn't make you truly happy inside !?   

Does that mean YOU have a problem?

 OR,  does it mean that you are actually meant for something else;

that your life has a different purpose, that you are perhaps not yet living.

We are all unique & born with seeds of potentiality that, realised, is a gift to this world. 

One thing is certain we were not born to be slaves or waste our time doing meaningless things just to survive.

One of the most heartbreaking desperate feelings is to feel we are not living here what we are truly capable of.

Not using our full potential or gifts.

Not feeling fully alive and fulfilled.

Not living the life we know deep down & believe we are capable of.

And that time and our life is just passing us by.


Take a moment for yourself & answer a few of these questions:

* What makes you feel most alive, lit up & inspired ?

* What would you be doing if there were no limitations ?

* What do you dream of experiencing before you die ?

* What secret gifts / potential & interests do you have that you are not currently using?

* Who would you be & how would you feel, if you were actually living the life you wish you could ?

This coaching is for people who are ready & committed to changing their lives; 

Who want to wake up to their true potential & LIVE it.

To discover who & what they are.

To make breakthroughs.

To cultivate strong self-belief & resiliency, even in so-called 'failures'

& use that to rise higher. 

To do the deep alchemical healing work with their subconscious mind, in order to root out ancient crippling beliefs & move beyond past conditioning that keep you trapped & small & living less than you are capable of.


INNER ALCHEMY Coaching offers a deep, powerful, supportive container for you to heal, be truly seen, discover what you truly want, and to change your life.

This is a revolutionary & unique form of coaching.

It incorporates ancient tantric principles & modern day neuro-science: Going deep into how your brain and nervous system is wired & creates your reality, and HOW TO re-wire them to align your life with your true person/ soul.

Aligning your life & mind with the essence of who you were born here to be, is the key to fulfilling your purpose & living a full and inspired life. So often the world tries to shape and move us away from our true desires and who we really are. We often don't even know what we truly want, and the first steps are often helping you to figure this out.

The work is a somatic form of coaching ~ influenced by Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing work ~ recognising the truths held within your body, and the powerful role this plays in creating true transformation.

Your subconscious mind is what truly dictates and shapes your life, not the cognitive surface mind we generally operate daily through, and try to enact change with. However great your intentions are this is often why you still get stuck, self-sabotage, or cant seem to fully create the changes you most desire. 


Your body is like the akashic record of your subconscious mind and therefore the doorway into accessing the deepest core aspects of yourself. Here is where we plant and create seeds of change.


Inner Alchemy Coaching is Trauma- Informed work (though not trauma-healing work) recognising that we all carry unprocessed traumas in our nervous system, that inhibit our energy & have an impact on our belief systems & ability to thrive. As a part of this work we are gently unwinding these to help you liberate [the trapped energy that is holding unhelpful beliefs in place] & re-direct it towards ones that fully support you.

You will be learning powerful proven practices & ancient techniques to incorporate into your life. These will give you the ability to harness & master your own energy, emotions & mindset & use them to forge the craft of your own life. 

This will include techniques and practices from:

 Tantra, Taoism, Yoga, The Therapeutic Arts, Shadow-work, Inner-child work, NLP, Subconscious Re-programming, Sound & Breath-work, Re-parenting, Shamanic Arts, Ancient Priestess work, Energy Healing, Emotional Release & so much more, that will help to re-wire your brain & liberate your life-force for much more potent pleasure, purpose, thriving & success.

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Are you ready to finally make the changes you need in your life?

To say a big YES to yourself

& all you are capable of? 

You deserve this. Your heart deserves this.

And we, the world, need you. The real you.

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if so, let's book you on a check-in call and we can have a chat about where you're at, and what life changes you would like to make this year.

This is a free call, where you get a little taster practice of what it would be like to work together, and the chance to ask questions and voice any challenges you are facing. 



Areas to work on may include:

* Life/ Soul Purpose

* Inner Emotional Healing

* Relationship & Dating difficulties

Stepping into your full power

as a Woman or a Man

* Sexual Empowerment

* Love & Intimacy Fears/ sabotaging

* Feeling safe to be seen

* Awakening a Sensual way of living

 * Feminine Reclamation Work

* Conscious Dating

* Spiritual Awakening

* Creative Projects

* Life Transitions & Changes


Your Coach


Laura is one of the most integrative, accessible & open-minded personal coaches in the North of the UK. She has lived in many different countries & works with people all over the world.

Laura coaches with a gentle playfulness, heart-based warmth, a passionate spirit & a wise depth cultivated from over 20 years of tremendous personal work, life experiences and spiritual explorations. She has much understanding of the challenges in life & how to help you get to where you want to be.

She is personable and an expert in using her intuitive gifts to guide you safely into the places you need to go; through the hidden doorways within you where the deep alchemy of transformation & healing is possible. Uniquely combining her years of experience as a healer, yoga, tantra & meditation teacher. This is coaching with a big difference.    

What  do  others  say?

I felt immediately relaxed with you; and your consistent presence, warmth, spontaneity and joy encouraged a settling into deep processes, an easy flow of images and a flowing internal dialogue with archetypes, without feeling at all self conscious. That was a first for me!

I found the whole experience very life affirming and I feel lighter in my heart for following your guidance. Everything was delivered gently, with total confidence and clarity, i felt completely safe in your hands.


 This has opened my eyes to a totally different way of moving forward, after many years of looking backwards. Thankyou so much for sharing this work with me.

- Di Temple -

Thank you for the amazing tantric coaching sessions and for opening me up to a new level. I felt able to opening up to topics which earlier I was reluctant to speak out openly. I was hesitant to speak out, but the way you started to explain and listen to the topics which i presented, gave me a sense of confidence to continue more sessions with you. I appreciated your honesty and confidentiality that you maintain.


Love, romanticism, sex, orgasm and relationships goes and hand in hand, which I understood after interacting with you.


Would love to continue have more deep sessions on these topics and understand how a woman expects, enjoys and likes to be treated etc.


Thank you for introducing these topics into my life, Am going to treat you as my lifetime coach, guide and mentor if you don't mind :) 

- Prem J -

I felt very safe to be authentic and vulnerable diving deep into this very personal material. I didn't know what to expect or even what I needed, but I knew that it was time to get this part of my life handled and Laura guided me straight to where I needed to go to allow me to see the wood for trees.


This work has helped me get over my self consciousness when approaching women and maintaining a deep connection, whilst being rooted in my masculine essence. Laura took me straight to the core of the deep places inside me that I needed to go to, in order to get out of my own way. The results were astonishingly immediate - nothing short of a miracle!

I highly recommend this for anyone who wishes to deepen their capacity for intimacy in their lives, whether you are currently in a relationship or not.

- Mark Keane -

Founder of Sleeping Serpant


I loved Laura's calm energy and equanimous approach. I also loved how we didn't get lost in talking about things, but dove into the actual experience.

On account of her calm and open presence Laura succeeded in making a perpetual (compulsive) talker stop for a while and go inside; Dig deep into the shadow, where it stings a bit. But instead of circling around the pain and looking at it from different angles, talking while I grow my beard, we dove into the root causes and experientially addressed those.

This showed me I can soothe open wounds, by applying caring attention, instead of sharp analysis, however compassionate it may be. This has huge implications for my levels of tenderness, towards self and ultimately others as well. Because I now know halt and experience, instead of analyse and remediate. That is the definition of connection, with self and others. Thankyou so much!

- J W _

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