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Kundalini Yoga Classes

Awakening Shakti in your Spine


Kundalini Yoga is undoubtably one of the most powerful forms of yoga for rapid and radical transformation, and accessing deep shifts in consciousness. 




Kundalini and Shakti energy are essentially the same thing. However traditional Kundalini yoga can be quite 'masculine' and forceful in its approach, having been transmitted mainly by a male lineage. I teach these Kundalini Yoga classes in a much more Tantrically informed & Shakti-infused way


Balancing both the dynamic active (yang or masculine) exercises with stillness & deep receptive space for surrender and feeling (yin or feminine).


 It is this alternate weaving that is the essence of Tantra, and which brings the nervous system & bio-energies of the body back into balance, opening up sublime inner spaces of trance for Shakti to awaken.



All yoga fundamentally works with preparing our subtle bodies for the awakening of Kundalini energy. Kundalini yoga just does this in a more direct, upfront way.


It is little known, but yoga actually comes from the tantric traditions, many of which had female linages.

It is even said that what we now practices as Asana ~ is actually only mimicking the patterns a body moves through, as it awakens ecstatically.

So in a way yoga is the re-tracing of patterns of ecstasy,

over & over until we remember,

& the yoga moves us.

I personally love this!)


 Kundalini energy itself is very mysterious, and hard to describe.

 It is more a felt phenomena & is often symbolised poetically as a serpent weaving its way through the spine, indicating the often serpentine movements of the energy in our bodies as it awakens & moves through our inner energy channels.


Although this energy is referred to as Kundalini, it actually is known by many different names throughout numerous ancient cultures from Ancient Egypt & the Priestess Traditions to Sufism to Indigenous Shamanic Tribal Rituals in Africa and the Americas. It is the principle energy in most mystic and esoteric spiritual traditions ~ as that which gives direct inner experience of the sacred & the divine.


Most of these paths got destroyed and so much of this ancient knowledge was lost. Thanks to India, one of the few cultures to preserve this knowledge, we have access to teachings that can help us to awaken and benefit from this energy.


This energy lies dormant & sleeping in all of us. 

It is depicted as a coiled sleeping serpent at the base of our spines.

Through various techniques we can begin to awaken this energy within our bodies, and to guide it through the energy channels (nadis) in our spine, activating energetic doorways (known as our chakras). Each chakra corresponds with different layer of our awareness and consciousness.

As the energy moves we can tap into different states. 

Occasionally, in some people, this energy awakens spontaneously. It is a powerful energy and this can sometimes lead to a personal crisis as the nervous system tries to re-regulate and upgrade itself. This in the west has very often been misdiagnosed as things like psychosis.

Kundalini yoga is however a very safe way to slowly awaken our energy source in a more integrated & digestible way.


 Current Classes:

  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Class:  

          Friday's   7.30pm - 9pm 

 @  FlowMotionLife Yoga Studio,  Matlock

£ 10 per class

Candle-lit classes with beautiful (nada) sacred-sound-vibrational music,

classes begin and end with a sacred chant evocation to open & close the space & to tap into the energetic linage of these teachings, followed by gentle body awakening movements to drop into embodiment and the lower belly, pelvis and body, stimulating Kundalini.  There is then a Kriya - designed to work on a particular chakra, aspect or area within the body.


These Kriyas are comprised of Asana, Breath-work, Mudras (energetic circuits), Bhandas (energetic locks), Mantra (inner sound vibrations) and sometimes Meditation and specific focus points. 

Classes end with a long deep, blissful guided Savasana to evoke a state of Yoga Nidra & deep surrender.

All are welcome, whether you are new or old to yoga.

This is a beautiful practice that will teach you the deep inner fundamentals of what yoga is really all about, I have found personally that it enhances any other type of yoga or practice I then do.




Private  1-1 Classes 

1-1 Personalised Classes


These can be a beautiful way to really go deeper into the essence of yoga.  There is a lot more to yoga than meets the eye, and yoga, traditionally was always taught 1-1 - as a personal medicine path.


  • If you don't live locally

  • The class times don't suit you

  • You are still wary of attending group classes

  • You know you'd like to have more 1-1 guidance, and work on something specific

  • Or, you would like to go much deeper in your practice, learn the nuances of esoteric yoga in more detail, and have your own personalised path created for you

 Please reach out and enquire about private classes.  These are online via zoom, or can be in person . You are welcome to enquire here:    


This applies for all types of yoga & meditation I teach:


  • Kundalini Yoga & Kundalini Re-birthing

  • Tantric Hatha Yoga

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Taoist Inner-Alchemy Meditations

   Private Classes Pricing:


    £ 40  - 1 hour 

    £ 50 - 1.5 hour

(  For block bookings of 5x classes there is a 10% discount

     & for block bookings of 10 x classes a 20% discount )

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