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Kundalini ~ Shakti


Awakening Shakti in your Spine


Kundalini Yoga

is undoubtably one of the most powerful forms of yoga for rapid and radical transformation, and accessing deep shifts in consciousness. 




Kundalini and Shakti energy are essentially the same thing.

However Kundalini yoga can traditionally be quite 'masculine' and forceful in its approach, having been transmitted mainly by a male lineage.

I teach these Kundalini Yoga classes in a much more balanced ( feminine & masculine ) Tantrically informed way.

Melting & weaving the more dynamic, active parts, with periods of stillness and time for deep feeling, experiencing and surrender.

Honouring the body.

Yoga was always part of the Tantric traditions before it became taboo and most mention of it was removed.

Tantra reveres this awakening of the Shakti (vital energy) as the Goddess herself, who, rising through us is the only one capable to magnetise and rouse ' the beloved' - source/ consciousness or God to come merge with Her.


 It is the weaving of masculine & feminine energies that is the essence of Tantra and expansion.


 This harmonious weaving brings the nervous system &

bio-energies of the body back into balance.

& It opens sublime inner spaces of sensation & expansion.



All forms of yoga are essentially working to prepare and open our subtle bodies for the awakening of Kundalini or Shakti energy.

Kundalini yoga just does this in a more direct, powerful way.


It is little known, but yoga actually comes from the ancient tantric traditions,

many of which had female linages.

 Dakini's or Priestesses - who passed down this sacred body knowledge.

It is even said that what we now practices as 'Asana' 


is actually the mimicking of energetic 'Kriyas' 

- the patterns a body will spontaneously move into

as Shakti awakens ecstatically through us

In a way practising Yoga can then be seen as re-tracing these patterns of ecstasy

over & over

Re-inscribing its memory within our body,

and activating those ancient pathways.

Until it begins to awaken through us.

I love this! )




 Current Classes:

Kundalini Shakti Yoga & Meditation Classes :  

          Thursdays -  7.30pm - 9pm 

 @  Stress-Free Centre, Victoria, Gozo

€ 12 per class

or 1st class free if paying in advance for the following 4 x weeks €48  

Candle-lit classes with beautiful (nada) sacred-sound-vibrational music ~ to awaken the sacred sensual flow of inner life-force energy (Kundalini - Shakti) 

Classes begin and end with sacred chant evocations. 

Mantras, in ancient language, contain original source sound vibrations that are very potent. These open & close the space we will create together;  activate specific chakras;  &  tap into the energetic linage of these teachings, & connect us to every other person practising these teachingssupporting us with a vast and beautiful oceanic matrix of energy. 

This is followed by gentle body awakening movements & breath, 

 dropping deeper into sacred embodiment and opening the lower belly & pelvic areas,

stimulating the resting sleeping place of Kundalini Shakti.  


There is then a Kriya


These are a beautiful symphony prescription of mantra (sacred sounds) , asana (postures and movements)   mudra (energetic seals) , bhanda (energetic locks) , breath, & meditation  

designed to work on a particular chakra, gland, system, or area within the body-mind system. 


These ancient Kriyas awaken, stimulate, arouse and call forth the sacred sensual life-force energy within you (Shakti) & have lots of spaciousness for you to focus on this inner energy flow, and gain greater and deeper intimacy with it. 

All Classes end with a long, deep & blissful

guided Savasana

to evoke a state of Yoga Nidra & deep surrender.

All are more than welcome, whether you are new or old to yoga.

This is a beautiful practice that will teach you the deep inner fundamentals of what yoga is really all about. I have found personally that it enhances any other type of yoga or practice I then do.

Please make an enquiry below:



" Yoga with Laura is an amazing experience, she has the voice of an angel, it is sooooo relaxing listening to her. She is so experienced in what she does and I found her really easy to follow, being a beginner, I feel she accommodated to all levels.


She puts her own unique twist on the sessions and I loved releasing my body and frustrations freely in a safe and accepting space....   Releasing my inner ROAR and feeling at complete peace at the end of her sessions. I thoroughly recommend Laura and her classes, you will not be disappointed ! "


Semicircle of Crystals

 Curious about private or 1-1  classes ?

" I feel truly blessed to have met you. You are one of the most spiritual, sincere and inspiring people i have met and you have left a lasting impression on me. If i can emulate a quarter of your kindness, honesty and warmth then i will be content. Each day as i preform my Asana's i shall think of your encouraging voice and words of wisdom. Thankyou for all you have opened my eyes to and i very much hope our paths cross once more, if not in this life, then another. All my love."


Awakening Shakti

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