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Massage Therapies

Luxurious & Beautiful Massages in Gozo 

For both your body & soul

Deeply Relax 

Unwind & release the stresses of life

Gift yourself some self-care



 Here is a menu of some of the massage therapies on offer.

All massages are between 1 hour - 1.5 hours long

If you click on the links you will be able to find out more about each of the unique treatments

or, you are welcome to email me to find out more about what may suit you:


Self-care & deep relaxation of our body are key for our wellbeing & yet so often go overlooked.

Busy, mind-centred life-styles = our bodies are often ignored.

Stress accumulates when we don't pay enough attention & they then often cry out for listening with pain & tension or 'dis-ease'.

Happy Body = a Happy You

Massage Therapies are a perfect way to unwind & care for ourselves.

when given the space & the care they often are able to access their own healing intelligence.

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Pink Flower Bloom

Massage  Menu:


Warm Oil Massages
Warmed oils massaged into your skin and tissues in this 
full body or partial body massage

Stone Mortar and Pestle

Sacred Aromatherapy Massage
Bathe in the spirits of flowers, herbs, & spices & woods & let them work their magic on you. All oils are chosen specifically for you and prepared freshly


Thai Yoga Massage
a combination of deep tissue pressure; acupressure; gentle assisted stretching & energy work

Massage Oil

Thai-Style Flowing Oil Massage

Working rhythmically on acupressure points and the nadis of the body with firmer and repetitive stokes to release deeper held tensions & open your energy system

Reiki Treatment

cranial-sacral: melting space

Half warm Flowing oil massage  & Fascia work, Half  deeply releasing Cranial Sacral Treatment ~ like melting into deep oceanic space ~ Blissful


an ancient taoist Holistic abdominal massage for detoxifying the Internal organs. Helping to release deep core emotional holding & tensions ~ IBS & digestive difficulties


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Like waves of the ocean, imagine lying on a soft warm beach being caressed by the waves. Long flowing full-body connective strokes, this massage is the ultimate full body massage treatment 

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