Massages  &  Eastern Healing Treatments

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Wild Rose

Luxurious Massage Treatments

Beautiful Healing Treatments for your Body & Soul



Shower yourself in a little self-love

& give back to you with some self-nourishment time and one of these luxury massage treatments. 

 Self-care & deep states of relaxation are so vital for our wellbeing, vitality and our health & yet so often go overlooked.

We lead busy, mind-centred, western life-styles & our bodies are often easily ignored as stress accumulates & creeps in, usually we don't pay enough attention until they then cry out for listening with pain & tension, injury or 'dis-ease'.

Our bodies are powerful & beautiful,

they contain within them codes of immense wisdom,

and the power to heal themselves,

when given the space, the opportunity 

& the care.

Happy Body = a Happy You

Wild Rose

Massage Therapy

Treatments are now available from Flow-Motion Yoga Space, a lovely spot close to the park in central Matlock

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Treatment Menu:


Warm Oil Massages

Stone Mortar and Pestle

Aromatherapy & Aromatherapy Massage


Thai Yoga Massage
(a combination of deep tissue pressure; acupressure; gentle assisted stretching & energy work)


(an ancient taoist Holistic abdominal massage for detoxifying the Internal organs. Helping to release deep core emotional tension & holding ~ IBS & digestive difficulties)

Reiki Treatment

cranial-sacral: melting space

( 30/30,   30 Minutes of warm Flowing oil massage  & Fascia work, 30 minutes of deeply releasing Cranial Sacral Integration ~ like melting into deep oceanic space ~ Blissful)


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

( Like waves of the ocean, imagine lying on a soft warm beach being caressed by the waves. Long flowing full-body connective strokes, this massage is the ultimate treatment  )