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Sacred Healing Bodywork Sessions

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  • Awakening-Shakti  ~ Sacred Healing Bodywork Sessions


Are spaces to dive into the somatic underworlds & mysteries of your body.

They offer you a space for emotional release; deep healing and re-integration; the ability to access and work through stories in your system; and to allow Shakti energy to move & awaken through you.


I create a temple space, set sacred intention and call in the Shakti or Goddess energies to work with and through me


These sessions are all 90 Minutes

and may be a combination of:

Intuitive Massage

 Energy Work & Healing



Working with Sacred Sound Vibrations

Primal Sounding and Releasing

Gentle De-armouring

Ancestral Work

Inner-Child Healing

Guided Inner-Integration Work

Guided Visualisation and Energy Circuiting

Sacred Feminine & Masculine Work

A man having message treatment

It is our body that IS the temple.

Our body offers the doorways into the unconscious, deep subconscious, & even the collective conscious.


Through the body we can can enter some of the deepest inner spaces and access parts of us that would only usually be accessible through things like psychedelics & plant medicines.

 I was fascinated the first time this happened to me, and even more fascinated when I found myself spontaneously tapping into inner worlds of others in this way.

However I am just a guide for your own processing and for the wisdom of your own body to reveal itself.  I allow Shakti to work through me and show what is needed. I do not translate and diagnose.

YOUR body is the temple


This is a much needed space to let the body do the talking.

 Psychological & emotional Imprints and the roots of somatic symptoms often lay much deeper than the mind and as such cannot always be accessed through the conscious mind or just talking about things, though this too has its place.


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Back Massage

Shakti energy is sacred feminine energy, it is the rising of Goddess or Kundalini Shakti energy through us.  

She can awaken spontaneously or blossom in us through dropping deeply into our bodies through meditation, yoga, bodywork, tantra, dance, breath-work and other embodiment work. In fact this IS the goal of many of these practices: 

To clear the way, the temple, for Shakti to awaken and rise.

Shakti ~ when she awakens through us, is highly sensuous, ecstatic, magnetic and mystical. And yet also deeply innocent

- the presence of something much larger than our selves.

True sensuality is a means to touch the divine;

To feel & experience life through every cell;

To feel the beingness of life and our own essence intertwined.

Sadly, in our world, 'sensuality' has often been manipulated and is too often used as a play-acting tool for seduction, or to sell cars or clothes.


This is a pity because the true version is so much more powerful & so much has become lost and unknown. It has bred much misunderstanding.

The sensuality awakened by Shakti is sacred, healing, pure and deeply innocent. 

It is also highly creative, it can help us fulfil more of our potential, in any areas of our life from our work to our courage - to our sexuality to our creative pursuits and intuition.

It is a way to live in ecstatic communion with life.

" Laura has improved my life in many areas, and at many levels. I have been able to open to parts of myself I used to reject or avoid, & feel much more comfortable in my own skin and embracing the fullest  of myself.

She is an inspiration to me in her honest and real sharing's, allowing me to do the same.

She makes me feel heard, held and safe whenever I share those parts of me that I feel afraid to share with others. I know she works extremely hard on exploring the depths of her own soul and being, and is continuously learning different techniques and approaches to expand her growth, and allow her to support others on their own deep journey of discovery, healing and expansion.

I would truly recommend her and her work to any of the people i love, as she is an incredible bodywork therapist & coach "

Elena Rolden


A little of my story with Shakti

 I have always, since I remember, been very connected to my body, my sensuality and my energy, but I sadly discovered, at a young age, that this got me an attention that made me feel very uncomfortable, and so I learnt to numb, hide and switch it off, feeling a deep sense of shame - as though I was doing something wrong.

In my late teens and early twenties I began to discover that I could use this ability to feel life deeply, to enter into beautiful trance-like states of connection with nature. Though I still didn't fully understand what it was, or if I was doing something taboo or wrong.


I experienced several scary assaults when in wide open states, that again left a lot of fear in my nervous system & caused me to shut down. But it also taught me that this what I was tapping into was extremely powerful, magnetic and potent.

I could also feel its purity, potential & innocence, and the sadness of how this was so badly mis-interpreted.

It was some years later doing daily practices of yoga and meditation, melting deeply through the layers of my body, that I began to awaken into states of ecstasy and loving interconnectedness with life. Fascinated, and finding nobody in the yoga world to talk to about this, I finally entered the worlds of Tantra.


Here, Shakti took on a whole new lease of life. She would occasionally & spontaneously erupt through me, & I would feel possessed and in awe by this wild energy force that felt far bigger and far beyond me.

The work is always ongoing, there are always greater heights to which we can open and feel.

 I have found the more I clear my system; feel and alchemise my emotions; embody; & do my own inner work, the easier she awakens through me and I can tap into her,

in just a few breaths.

This energy has its own deep wisdom and intelligence, and is what moves through me when I give my treatments and sessions.

" An incredibly talented and intuitive practitioner, I found Laura’s practice safe and authentic. 

Unfortunately for me I only came across Laura shortly before she left the UK for Gozo, yet in that time her energy had a profound effect. I would have loved to continue treatments and dived deeper into her transformational offerings.

My kundalini (Shakti) was awakened  some years ago. I had not been seeking this and did not understand what had happened. Whilst disorienting, a challenging and interesting journey had started that I now believe it is about finding myself, by peeling back the effects of ancestral, cultural and social conditioning, releasing previously constrained potential.

At the outset, not understanding kundalini, I went online and found content often had links to treatment through sexuality that I now associate with neo-tantra. Yet I had very strong feelings that tantra and kundalini were about balancing and developing the whole of us, not focusing on just on our sexuality.

If you relate to my experience or feelings then Laura may well be for you.

I truly believe she has her own authentic way to develop and work with Shakti / Kundalini, in a safe and transformational way, that respects individual need.


In my opinion she is one of a few whilst there are many who appear to make similar offerings. "



Session  Prices : 

€ 150   -   90 minutes

Awakening- Shakti 

 Working  Together

If you feel these these sessions are for you,  or you are interested in how you could also do similar sessions remotely, please feel welcome to reach out. 

If you desire to do deep work tailored personally to you to support your healing & awakening journey;

Or are simply curious about Shakti & the wild innate power you can awaken within you,
along with
your natural ecstatic potential, please drop me a line 😊


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