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liberatory path of awakening to true aliveness, bliss & expanded love

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What is Tantra?

It's a really great question, as Tantra has been so often misunderstood or misrepresented.


Partly - because of it being one of the very few spiritual paths that recognised and included our sexuality as part of our spirituality; Partly - due to our own many layers of social conditioning around the 'taboo' of our sexuality, & the shadows that emerge from this repression; And, partly - due to the unethical practice of people who wanted to exploit others, or the misuse of the term to covertly refer to a form of prostitution.

 But it is sooo much more.

Tantra is ~ actually many things, an ever-unfolding path of awakening into the wholeness of who we truly are. Like the blossoming of a lotus flower, revealing open layers & layers of its beautiful petals. So it is with ourselves.  Instead of focusing just on an ultimate destination, tantra honours the lotus flowers blossoming, AND the mud from which it grows. Understanding that everything, the process of growth, life & death itself, is a form of sacred alchemy.


There are several different paths of Tantra, but it is essentially a path of non-duality ~ a welcoming of ALL of ourselves: the light, the dark; our shadows and our merits; our sometimes messy human-ness and our divinity; all of our emotions, our wounds, our joy and our bliss. Welcoming & bringing consciousness to ALL as the tapestry & the dance of existence.  This welcoming brings wholeness & unification, acceptance & a larger LOVE.

It includes, rather than denies, our sexuality, because it recognises this potent

primordial source energy with us all, as untapped fuel that can be alchemised into higher states of consciousness, inter-connectedness & bliss. And, because what has been confined to the shadow has tremendous power, when liberated, we can harness that power & energy for our greatest development. 

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For myself, Tantra was always a path that

fascinated me, that I felt a natural opening to, but in my earlier life I was far too shy & scared to delve into it directly. For years I circulated around it, doing other types of embodiment work, & practising yoga,  kirtan, meditation, dance, sufism.. constantly seeking. And then I began tapping into states of bliss & interconnectedness during yoga. Something which no-one was really talking about. 


During a crisis in my own personal life, I re-evaluated what was most important to me in my life living here & decided it was my curiosity and desire to experience the ultimate depths & heights of bliss that was possible for me. 

That set me on a journey, and an ongoing quest, of these last several years, diving directly into courses that terrified me; pushing my comfort zones; showing up in radical honesty; practising 

many practices; & studying in different schools around the world.

One of the most profound things I did find, that I had never found in any other spiritual, familial or worldly community (and I'd been in many) was the acceptance & celebration to be all of myself. And the genuine love that came with that ☺️ Such healing!

Tantra Classes:

If you are interested in learning Tantra please do reach out & let me know. Tantra encompasses a wide variety of practices & can be used to enhance or assist healing areas of your life.

I will be running some online classes & womens'  workshops at some time in the future. So if you are interested in this please do let me know 😊

Private Classes:

Private classes are a great way to learn practices, tools and beautiful meditations that can deeply enhance your life & relationships.

I draw on the teachings from Osho's linage; Classical Tantra; the Taoist Sexual Alchemy work of Mantak Chia; Yoga; Bodywork; Energy work; Breathwork & Emotional release to work with individuals and couples who would like to learn these sacred arts.

Private classes require a prior meeting via zoom, and are then held either via zoom or in-person.

Please note this *does not* include any sexual contact.


Massage and bodywork will be taught to couples only, who may practice the techniques together.


Tantra is for every-body. This is a LGBTQ friendly space.

Private class prices start from £150

To make an enquiry:

Please let me know a little about yourself/ selves; What you would like to learn/ work on & your intentions for learning.


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