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Ecstasty  -  Liberation  -  Deep Intimacy

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Awakening the Ecstatic Body 
A 10 Week Journey to Dive Deep into the Heart of Ecstatic Tantric Love & Soulful Sensual Awakening


Are you curious about tantra, but not sure what it is, where to begin, what to practice, or where to learn more ?


Do you wish to expand your sexual pleasure potential and have it lead you to altered & spiritual states of consciousness - for your sexual life to BE your spiritual path ?


Do you want a safe, non-judgmental space that meets you wherever you're at - to learn the basics,  & develop along a structured path of incredible tools, rituals and practices which you can start to use right away ?

Are you looking for a deeper connection in your love-life, or to develop your own exquisite solo-practice & call in a higher calibre lover ?

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If so,  yay!!  I'm so glad you found your way here as Tantric coaching will set you off onto a journey of a life-time.

A journey not only into exquisite love-making and profound intimate connection but ultimately also a journey home to the truth of who you really are.

   This 10 Weeks Package is for You If:

  • You are single or a couple

  • You are a complete beginner, or have practiced for a while & just need more structure & 1-1 guidance

  • You want to awaken your full sensual potential & experience ecstatic states

  • You want to feel more potent, powerful, radiant, alive and inspired in ALL areas of your life

  • You want to feel fully liberated to be more of yourself in (& out of) the bedroom

  • You desire deeper intimacy and soul touching love

  • You want to have your sexuality be your spiritual practice

  • You want to heal & overcome sexual shame & blocks to your full pleasure and intimacy potential

  • You would like to work on open communication around your boundaries & desires

  • You desire to cultivate a totally new relationship to your sexual energy that leads you to having shamanic, multi-dimensional, mystic spiritual experiences

  • You would like to learn the secrets of tantric sex-magic and use it to change your life



What will you learn?

In your 10 week  Tantric Coaching Package  you will receive: 


 10   x   1 .5 hr  personalised coaching sessions,  via zoom  (no nudity or explicit sexuality). This will include:

  • Desire-Mapping:  Your first session with me will include exploring what it is you truly deep down need & desire, and what changes you'd like to bring into your life or relationship, so that we can then tailor your package to move you to exactly where you want to be.

  • Tantric & Sexual-Alchemy Taoist Meditations & Practices to awaken your energy body & Increase your capacity for full-body orgasmic experiences

  • Guided Tantric Intimacy Rituals to deepen and cultivate authentic, heart-based communication & soul connection. Learn how to truly hold deep sacred space - for yourself and another. And how to move & magnify your energy.

  •  Homework & Tantric Date-Nights personalised practices for you to take away and practice between sessions. Beautifully designed date nights.

  • Sensual Chakra Activation Breathwork ~ each of our chakras has a different exciting flavour to awaken & explore, from the primal to the sublime

  • Sex-Magic ~ Intentionally using the power of your sexual energy and love-making to create magical changes in your life.

  • Full Body Orgasm practice ~ How to circulate sexual energy throughout your whole body, alone and with a lover, to 100 x pleasure and awaken your capacity for ecstatic spiritual, shamanic orgasmic states 

  • Sacred Sexual Anatomy ~ Learn, discover & explore the parts of your anatomy nobody taught you!!

  • Sacred Touch Bodywork ~ How to explore using multiple types and qualities of touch to awaken different aspects of you. How to give yourself or another a full tantric awakening massage. Gentle trauma-release de-armouring practices - to liberate trapped energy 

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You will also receive information on the basic Tantric principles; some complimentary book recommendations for deeper insight; Inspiring playlists & beautiful handouts for all practices which are yours to keep & refer back to forever


Couples - £2500

Single - £ 1750

Pricing plans are available with a
£500 booking deposit.



Prices will be increasing to 
Couples:  £2800
Singles:  £2020

from  1 June 2022
Interested and want to find out more? Lets get you booked on a free check-in call 😊
Are you new to Tantra ?

Thankyou for your enquiry. I look forward to meeting you

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