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Thai Yoga Massage

 The Inner Rivers ~  

Opening the energy channels


Thai Yoga Massage  is a unique & meditative bodywork, that works by applying a firm, grounding, listening-guided pressure & rocking, along your bodies main energy lines (Nadis / Inner Rivers)

—the Ten Sen—

 through which our bodies natural life force flows.

The movements synchronise with the rhythm of your breathing, encouraging your energy system back into flow & harmony.

 It is a full-body experience that leaves you feeling deeply nourished. Grounded in your body and yet light.


Practised lightly clothed, on a comfortable, padded floor futon where your body can be free to be moved around, I use hands, feet and elbows to apply rhythmic pressure along the Nadi's channels and open the bodies 'windgates'.

Combined with gentle stretching and some applied Hatha Yoga asanas to open your body, blocked energy is able to release and this frees the body's healing potential, restoring balance and harmony.


  It can feel like having done a really great yoga class, ~ the lazy way! 😉



Originating in India and linked to Buddhism (often practiced by monks in the temples), TYM is a meditative experience. It is said to be the physical application of loving kindness.

Thai Yoga Massage is a beautiful and ancient massage therapy and healing art, that has been part of traditional Eastern medicine for many many years.


Traditional Eastern Medicine is focused much more on prevention, than curative (as our Western system is), and encourages good self-care & maintenance of our wellbeing as a means to keep ourselves healthy and free from illness and dis-ease. 


TYM works in a similar way to Acupuncture & Yogic practices in that it is working on the subtle bodies' Nadi's or energy channels within and throughout the body.

I love to see and feel these Nadi's like the rivers that flow through the earth of our bodies. In a healthy, ideal state these river are pure and flowing bringing renewed life and vitality to the whole organism.


When we have stress, accumulated tensions and toxins etc, this inhibits the easy flow of our life-energy through these inner rivers. Leaving us feeling sluggish, grey, tired, uninspired ~ less than vital.

When they are open and flowing, like water - more life-force (Chi / Shakti / Energy)  can move through us, flushing some of  those toxins and stresses away.

We not only feel great & more healthy, we are much more open to Life and to our true vibrancy & potential.

Acupressure Neck Massage
Reflexology Therapy



  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Releases muscular tensions

  • Detoxify's and improves the mobility of the joints

  •  Improves the functioning of the organs and breathing

  • Helps to bring awareness of holding patterns

  • Is able to access emotional holding and subconscious memories held in the body and gentle de-armour & release them.


  • 1 Hour      :    € 65

  • 1.5 Hour  :     € 85

  • 2 Hour    :     € 95

Thai-Style Flowing Oil Massage

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Massage Oil


  • 1 Hour      :    € 65

  • 1.5 Hour  :     € 85

A luxurious flowing massage.

Long repetitive deep strokes with warmed oil, connecting through the body.


This massage is a beautiful treatment working on the bodies energy lines and specific energy points with a firmer pressure, helping to release stagnation, tension, stress & blockages - physical, emotional and energetic.  Freeing up the energy flow throughout the whole body.   Blissful.


  This is a deeply nourishing self-treat.

" I am usually very stressed and unable to relax due to life and the pressures / struggles that have come with it. I have tried complementary therapies in the past but rarely go back twice. However Laura's treatment left me with a sense of calmness and feeling nurtured. She is very warm and approachable and made sure I was completely comfortable throughout the treatment.
Im so glad to have found her and hope she can continue to help me relax, cope with life abit better. "

Samina S

Herbal Balls

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With all 1.5 hr  &  2 hr  sessions you have the special option to add on a Heated Herbal Compress Ball ~ for an added touch of Bliss.

The balls are used along the energy lines to further enhance your treatment.

  • £10 extra per treatment

Please see here for more details about the benefits:

Massage Stones
Herbal Remedies


I have just relocated to Gozo & depending on interest level will need a little time to source these :)

Thankyou for understanding

Laura is deeply intuitive and has a very healing energy. She has really helped me on my journey to understand myself better mentally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend her.

Luna Rae 

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