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WOM:B  Awakening

Women's Own Medicine : Bliss

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I am so excited to be offering this work.

It is a 3 part womb awakening massage treatment and an initiatory practice that came through me listening to & working with the medicine of own womb.


Our wombs are such powerful sacred centres.
They have the ability to create a whole new life, but they are also:



  • The storehouses of our repressed emotion, pain, trauma, past sexual experiences

  • They are shamanic portals, where we can access multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves

  • They are the literal abode, or temple, of the Goddess, of Shakti

  • They are the seat of our ability to create in the world

  • They are encoded with the deep wisdom of our cyclical death and re-birthing nature


AND they are the source of unbridled amounts of pleasure & bliss that we, as women, can tap into.

Healing Bliss


Often we think of our wombs just in terms of our fertility,
~ and whether we can, do, or have opportunity to birth children through them.  


But there is also sooo much more than that, that being blessed with a womb can offer us.

& which is our birthright as women to tap back into.


The Womb Awakening Massage Treatment Sessions are split into 3 stages:

  •  Clearing & Re-connection

  • Inner - Listening

  • Awakening

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These sessions are a package and are designed to work together, ideally over the period of one of your moon-cycles, however they can also be spread out over a period of 3 months, with some work and practices to do in between. 

Our womb is an area that can, and often has, been a cause of so much pain for us as women.  Whether in physical pain - such as menstrual cramping; problems with our reproductive system etc  or emotional pain - such as the grief of childlessness,

miscarriage grief, pms, or pmdd.

My work is mainly within the area of emotional pain, as this is my own story too.

And I am here to say that not only is our pain, grief & rage etc, sacred & valid, especially the pain of childlessness - which so often feels invalidated.

 But, that it is our pain that can also be the doorway back into reconnection, awakening & accessing our bliss.


This 3 part Womb Awakening Massage Treatment will be a wonderful accompaniment to do alongside my Womb Alchemy - short coaching package & online course, coming soon.

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This will be a deeply held and guided embodiment journey through the womb, learning how to work with her -  with the different phases, rhythms, emotions, gifts and archetypes of our inner moon cycle.

Working with the womb is to be initiated back into the path of the Priestess, weaving the dark with the light in an endless spiral. The sacred underworld or deep unconscious with the light.

About the Sessions

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These massage sessions are gentle, nurturing & honouring.

Lots of spiralling, opening strokes and rocking around the whole womb, ovaries, cervical, pelvic area & lower back. This is deeply soothing and not only great for the fascia, tissues and organs in this whole area, but also for helping emotions and other imprints held here, move to the surface.

Massage is given with pre-warmed oil & an aromatherapy oil of your choice.

The sessions will also include some guided breath-work, inner-sound vibrations, energy-work, & Feminine Inner Alchemy practices, along with embodied integration work.

I will be listening to & tuned into your body the whole time & it will be tailored completely to you. There is no one size fits all here. 

  • Session 1   :  Clearing & Re-Connection


This session will be all about reconnecting to this whole area - to your ovaries, to the different parts of your womb, feeling what is there in the layers. I will guide you through a womb mandala & clearing process - to help you release past emotions, people, partners, imprints, energies & perhaps familial and ancestral ties, that may be stored in your womb area. This helps you to uncover what is held here, and then be able to begin to release & clear your space.


Our work is slow giving you lots of time, time & time. This is a usually neglected area, and there will be no rush. Time is such a gift to the deeper parts of our feminine, ample time & the safety to just drop in, feel & open, & so this is the invite here. Time to feel, to sense, to be with, to see, to release, to reconnect.


This session is best done pre-menstruation, just before your bleeding time.


  • Session 2   :   Inner - Listening & Rebirth


In our second session we will go a spiral deeper and begin to listen to the wisdom and inner communications of your womb area. She has a myriad of ways to speak and surprising things to say sometimes. Opening this channel of communication with her, learning to hear her again, honour her & move with her, will not only help you to develop a new relationship with her, but to deepen that relationship. And with that, a deeper and more supportive relationship also to your body, instincts, intuition and unexpressed, perhaps undiscovered, empowering parts of yourself. 

Your womb is your power centre, and it is also your heritage of collective wisdom, not only from your own female linage, but from the soul & source of the world. Like the roots of an individual tree connecting into a web of roots beneath the surface of the earth & drawing on that support, it is with your womb.

This session is recommended for your post- bleed, pre- ovulation time.

  • Session 3   :   Awakening

After clearing and re-connecting; developing a new bridge of communication with your womb & new exciting parts of yourself, we will open into a third spiral. The first two spirals we have been working with are the emotional womb & transpersonal womb, here we will tap into the cosmic womb. Entering deeply into the womb can open up a visionary, almost psychedelic, mystic and ecstatic capability.

I will introduce you to using the 3 Tantric Keys in the session, & an inner breathing energy technique I call the 'Fountain of Bliss'. This helps you tap into and circulate source energy for your own deep nourishment, and to learn to use it wisely to co-create with life / the universe.


After each session there will be a light exercise & a practice to do, which is fun & insightful ☺️. This is to further support this amazing work you are doing, helping you go deeper & get the most of your sessions.

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is a high vibrational frequency state.

It is source energy & the state of being of the whole universe.

We tap back into it fleetingly when the mind is  quietened momentarily,

i.e - most commonly - in orgasm,

but ~ also in states of deep meditation.

When we can go deep deep into something that we've been avoiding, or unable, to feel fully - pain, our power, grief ... ;

when we can enter fully that 'eye of the storm', it will so often alchemise back into source energy ~ BLISS

And that Bliss is medicine

for every cell & part of us




€ 330  - when booked as the whole 3x session package,  or  € 150 - per session if booked individually


  • A pre-consultation

  • 3 x 90 minute massage healing sessions 

  • + Practices between sessions


+  a special invite  20 %  off the launch price of  

WOMB ALCHEMY  ~ Course and 1-1 Coaching Package

designed to work perfectly alongside these sessions to take you on a deep and beautiful inner journey into working with your womb & cycle.


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Awakening - Shakti

 " Laura is deeply intuitive and has a very healing energy. She has really helped me on my journey to understand myself better mentally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend her. "


Luna Rae


Like any great work, & work with the womb, this has taken some time to birth. The seeds have been there for many years, sprouting, in the dark of my own pains, an inspiration & a desire to have the voice of these things spoken and shared.

Because there is deep healing even in this.


I have had visions for many years of working with the mystery of the womb, in a way that properly honoured the myriad of things we feel and experience here. Helping us to recenter in deep truth, and meet in realness. 

Several years ago, I was training in cranial-sacral therapy & had a powerful, expansive experience when treating another women.

I was working on her pelvic area when I started to 'see' and experience the story of a trauma unfolding, being shared by her body.


Honouring it's sensitivity I did not speak this to her - I prefer not to 'diagnose' people - as I believe this can be very dangerous and is open to manipulation. Rather I simply hold loving space for what is revealed to me & let a client tell me in words ONLY IF they wish to.  

After this treatment she began talking to me about an experience or feeling she had that was connected to a past-life, and I let her know it was what I too had experienced. 

After sharing about this together and holding her in my arms as she wept, I had a powerful & deeply beautiful vision open up to me, that moved me to tears:


of women

re-gathering, around the world, in sacred spaces to hold and heal one another.


My own story with my womb, has been and is, a deep one, of both profound life-altering suffering,

& at the same time a mystery of unfolding bliss.

After a series of traumatic events, and then some mystical experiences, which I did not fully understand at the time, I fell into deep bottomless existential void & began to suffer with what I now know to be called "PMDD".


This is a medical name, for a series of severe symptoms, that coincides with our monthly cycle & hormonal changes. It has sadly not been researched well enough yet, like much of women's health, & there is so far no true treatment for it, other than to repress a woman's natural cycle, or remove her womb.

With growing mainstream awareness of trauma & how it is held within our bodies, I believe there is strong likelihood that this is a big causitive.

I am still on this journey too, learning & ever-deepening.

With what I understand now about our cycle as women, through studying, working with and observing my own, I believe it to be our own medicine wheel. A journey to the underworld of our deep unconscious each month.

With potential to use this for our deep healing and empowerment.

There are many gifts I have learnt & many invaluable tools which I wish to share.

Our deepest pains are often some of our most powerful initiates.



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