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Inner Awakening

Would you like to practice yoga in a way that opens your heart,  touches your soul  & takes you deeper into connection with yourself ? 

Ever suspected that there is much more to yoga than just doing the poses,
& want to discover the more esoteric & transformative sides of it ?

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I'm really happy for you if you are reading further :) So much awaits you.

 Yoga has become really popular in the last couple of decades, though a lot of yoga that is taught in the west is predominantly focused on the physical, or often just barely scratches the surface of what is possible.

& its all good!

Every single style has its gifts.

I spent some years 'doing' yoga, 'knowing it was good for me-ish', but not quite getting it. Fully.
Until I did.

This happened for me through Kundalini Yoga. From my first class I finally understood what yoga was, and what it was doing internally. This really changed my life & my relationship to yoga from then on.

Yoga is actually a part of Tantra - though this bit of info is usually omitted, as tantra is so often misunderstood & seen as a taboo. And its purpose & power is to awaken us from within.

By Awakening Shakti.

- Our untapped inner ecstatic current of life-force energy.

- Our true power & empowerment.

- The goddess energy within

I have heard that yoga (asanas) actually came from & mimic the energetic forms (kriyas) a woman's body would naturally move into, as Shakti is awakening within her.

And this is the same for men as it is for women. This energetic potential lies within every-body.

It is just something that we have been hugely disconnected from for the last hundreds of years,  & something that has been purposefuly persecuted and shut down in us - by religions, by patriarchy: Because it has the power to radically empower, awaken & free us.

By practicing yoga in this deep way it is like we are practicing a script, to re-remember our original source.

Re-claiming back within us what is our actual birthright.

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Yoga means - Unity

Tantra means - to weave

- to unify the many polarities & oppositions within us - so we are no longer in inner war ;

- to weave together every aspect & shade of us, with love, honour and acceptance - into the perfect artistic tapestry of ourselves.

As we weave we unify & become whole.

As we were meant to be.

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Yoga Classes & 1-1 Yoga Classes

Life is in constant cycles of change,  we can choose to see life happening to us, or for us. We have the gift of choice in shifting our perspective to one that most benefits us.

 Doing transformative inner work to explore, expand & grow into the greatest versions of ourself, is a bold choice that only some of us take.


 Private classes tailored can be tailored to you & your unique journey.  

I offer  1-1 classes in my home studio ( online classes available too ),

& a group class Fridays 7.30 - 9pm

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Therapeutic Yoga

Please read more about the types of yoga, as some differ,

& you are more than welcome to send me a message for a chat




Encouraging & blissful

I feel so lucky and blessed to have had Laura as a yoga teacher. Her classes are a real joy; she is calming, warm and encouaging, and there is a genuine sense of connecting with something within and without as she guides you through the asanas, bringing out the best in you, in every way.

- Jaq White -


Inspiring teacher

I have been lucky to be taught Kundalini Yoga by Laura over a number of years. I find her approach uplifting and encouraging. She holds a beautiful space and is enthusiastic for each student to do his/her best and experience the benefits of the practice. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

- Ali Jeffery -

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Amazing teacher

Laura is deeply intuitive and has a very healing energy. She has really helped me on my yogic journey to understand myself better mentally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend her.

- Luna Rae -

( Reviews taken from Awakening Shakti - )

Dear Laura,

I feel truly blessed to have met you. You are one of the most spiritual, sincere and inspiring people i have met and you have left a lasting impression on me. If i can emulate a quarter of your kindness, honesty and warmth then i will be content. Each day as i preform my Asana's i shall think of your encouraging voice and words of wisdom. Thankyou for all you have opened my eyes to and i very much hope our paths cross once more, if not in this life, then another. All my love."

- Georgina -