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Inner Awakening

Would you like to practice yoga in a way that Helps you drop deeper into sacred embodiment,
Opens the bliss doors of your heart,
Welcomes your raw, primal emotions,
Connects you to your soul  
takes you deeper into connection with yourself,  nature and the universe ? 

Ever suspected that there is so much more to yoga than just doing the poses,
& want to discover the more esoteric, tantric & transformative sides of it ?

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Welcomeeee if you are reading further & are intrigued  :)

So much awaits you.

 Yoga has become really popular in the last couple of decades, though a lot of yoga taught in the west is often mostly focused on the physical body

or, it often just barely touches the surface of what is actually possible.

& its all good!

Every single style has its gifts.


I spent some years 'doing' yoga,

knowing it was good for me,

but not quite getting it. Fully.


Until I did.



This happened for me through Kundalini Yoga.

I was in India hearing this mysterious name 'Kundalini' whispered over and over to me, and I didn't really know what it meant.

But as soon as I heard of a class - I KNEW I had to go.


From my first class, which I spent in tears, I finally understood what yoga really was, and what it was doing internally.

This really changed my life & my relationship to yoga from then on.

Yoga is actually a part of Tantra - though this info is sadly long forgotten, due to Tantra being so often misunderstood & seen as taboo.

It's purpose & power is to awaken us - from within.

By  -  Awakening Shakti


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- Our mostly untapped, inner ecstatic current of life-force energy

- Our true power & empowerment.

- The goddess energy within

Yoga mimics the ecstatic energetic forms (kriyas) a woman's body would naturally move into, as Shakti is awakening within her.

And this is the same for men as it is for women.


This energetic potential lies within every-body.

It is just something that we have become hugely disconnected from for the last hundreds of years.


& something that has been purposefuly persecuted

and shut down in us - by religions, by patriarchy:


Because it has the power to radically empower, awaken & free us

Connect us to the divine from within.


Practicing yoga in this deep way it is like practicing a ancient script,

 re-remember the inner codes to our original source.

Re-claiming back within us what is our actual birthright.

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Yoga means - Unity

Tantra means - To Weave

Unifying - the many polarities & oppositions within us

- so we are no longer in inner war 

Weaving - together every aspect & shade of us - with love, honour and acceptance

As we weave ourselves back whole,

 we unify.

As become just as we were meant to be.

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Encouraging & Blissful

" I feel so lucky and blessed to have had Laura as a yoga teacher. Her classes are a real joy; she is calming, warm and encouaging, and there is a genuine sense of connecting with something within and without as she guides you through the asanas, she brings out the best in you, in every way. "

- Jaq White -

 The Mysterious Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy itself is very mysterious, and hard to describe.

 It is a felt phenomena & is often symbolised poetically as a serpent weaving its way through the spine, indicating the often serpentine movements of the energy in our bodies as it awakens & moves through our inner energy channels.


Although this energy is referred to as Kundalini,

it has actually been known by many different names throughout the world,

& in numerous ancient traditions and practices

 from Ancient Egypt & the Priestess Traditions to Sufism

to Indigenous Shamanic Tribal Rituals in Africa and the Americas,

to Pagan Trance States of worship, and so on.

It is the principle energy in most mystic and esoteric spiritual traditions ~ as it is that which gives direct inner experience of the sacred & the divine.


Most of the true essence of these paths got destroyed

and so much of this ancient knowledge was lost.


Thanks to India, one of the few cultures to preserve this knowledge, we have access to teachings that can help us to awaken and benefit from this energy.


Kundalini energy lies dormant & sleeping in all of us. 

It is depicted as a coiled & sleeping serpent at the base of our spines / in or lower chakras.

Through various techniques we can begin to awaken this sleeping energy within our bodies, and to guide it through the energy channels (nadis) in our spine, 

activating energetic doorways (known as our chakras).


Each chakra corresponds with different layer of our awareness and consciousness.

As the energy moves we can tap into different states. 


Occasionally, & in some people, this energy awakens spontaneously.

It is a powerful energy and this can sometimes lead to a personal crisis as the nervous system tries to re-regulate and upgrade itself.

It will generally magnify anything that is within the body-mind,

whether this be love, trauma, or unresolved emotions

and this is why it is so important to do our inner clearing and healing work.


In the west, spontaneous Kundalini Awakening has often been misdiagnosed as mental psychosis or mental illness.

Kundalini yoga is however a very safe way to slowly awaken our energy in a more integrated & digestible way,

clearing anything that needs to be.

” I miss your yoga classes so much Laura, they are amazing.

I've been doing kundalini yoga from youtube videos which is quite good, but not the same!

I hope to be blessed with your yoga teachings again one day!


♥ "
Emily Ferry Woodard

Yoga Classes :

1-1 Yoga Classes :

Private classes are a great way to have a class tailored just to you. Yoga was once taught primarily on a 1-1 basis, as each person is so different. Sometimes people like to do this if they are a beginner or if classes don't fit into their schedule.

You can arrange private classes either in person, at your own home, or online.


" You have changed the way I look at life and have taught me so much more than you know these past weeks! Thankyou thankyou thankyou. "

Chloe Silvermann

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